Saturday, 21 November 2015


Today as predicted it has been very times we have had hail and sleet...together with a north wind that cut through any exposed area of flesh it could find. I'm so glad I walked Heidi first thing when a glimmer of sunshine belied the ferocious wind chill. It was a brisk walk.

When we returned, things so turned very one thirty it might as well have been dusk. So what have I done on such a cold grey Saturday... Well I needed comfort...I listened to some wintery music...and tidied and dusted the living room. Then I found these old favourites...

Our holly and ivy set...just what the weather doctor ordered for some early winter cheer...

Then I found some batteries and sorted out this little number...

And these were hung...

These have been on the mantle all autumn...

So now it can be as grey and cold as it wants too outside...we're toastie and cosy inside...

Hope you're all managing to keep safe and warm. J. x



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Sue...I was very lucky to get them at a bargain price several years ago...I wouldn't want to have to replace them that's for sure! Jackie. x

  2. You've made it look so lovely and cosy Jackie. Those plates are beautiful. It's been a gorgeous day here but flipping cold. I'm keeping warm this evening cuddled up with mog and a glass of mulled wine. X

    1. Yum...mulled there's a lovely thought! x

  3. I love your china. And the candle. so cheery, so warm looking. Lovely.

    1. Thank you Sol...the candle being battery powered doesn't cast much light, but does give a cheery glow. x


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