Monday, 9 November 2015

Autumn Storms

The wind be a howlin'...the leaves are a swirlin' hair keeps getting tangled...we seem to be having wave after wave of Atlantic storms right now...earlier the electricity went off, albeit briefly...there is plenty of bashing and clanging going on outside, but I am snug by the fire.

Monday nights are quiet affairs around here, it's men's skittle evening so us ladies have a peaceful interlude, without some rather bizarre TV choices, actually the TV is presently off...bliss!

I feel the need for a little unwinding this evening, just how many pieces of paperwork can one mortgage application require?! Hopefully things are moving forward now, for a few weeks things seemed to stagnate completely.

My weekend was hectic to say the least, I took a roadtrip with eldest daughter up to stay with farm boy, then we all travelled on to York for a very brief stop before going to look at some puppies way up in North Yorkshire. I think my daughter chose her future puppy! Well the little darling weeed over her so that's obviously the one!!

So here is what I saw at the weekend...

Beautiful York Minster...

And a chubby grand puppy...

Looking really content flashing her tummy while feeding from mum.

Heidi is going to have to get used to having another beautiful Newfie in the family!

Take care, J. x



  1. What a darling puppy ! We Canadians love those Newfies... Humans and puppies.. grin... I would love a nice stormy quiet evening..
    Hope your paperwork gets done quickly for you...
    God bless... xo

    1. Hello Faye...Still windy...and still gathering paperwork! x

  2. Puppy looks gorgeous Jackie. I hope your plans are working out and you get through your mountain of paperwork. The weather has been awful here and a dreadful happening locally just pushes home how precious life is. I am pleased you are snug and safe in your home. Me too. We are blessed. X

    1. It's surprising how grateful we become for our lives when hearing of tragedies. Maybe we should be more grateful more often, but I guess that's just not human nature. Hope the latest weather hasn't given you too much of a bashing. x


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