Sunday, 1 November 2015

A Spooky Night

Shut the door and turn the key...draw the curtains and light the fire...BEWARE!

Actually our door stayed unlocked to welcome guests...and it was too warm with a houseful to light the fire...but look...

Typically like at every party I host I neglected to take photos so now that the dishes are all washed and packed away...we have leftovers to look forward to for tea...the fire is lit and I feel content I have taken some of the 'set'...ready...





Mwahhhhhhh! We were a frightful lot and probably easily scared away a fair few spirits...I also set up the sound of thunder to play on the porch all evening just to be sure!

My friends and family know me so well, and we're anticipating the themed quiz I'd prepared...but still they failed!...Plenty of blackberry gin was consumed...we laughed and giggled long into the night, playing silly games such as Mrs. Brown went to town, naming countries, animals, then modes of transport alphabetically, then a really silly say one word each to make up a story game. We all consumed far too many calories, were probably very politically incorrect with our storytelling, but hurt no one, and had our tummy muscles working overtime giggling. Hope you all had a happy and safe evening, take care, J. x



  1. Oh Jackie, your decorating is wonderful! You put in such a lot of work. Spectacularly spooky! I'm so glad you had a great time and have been able to let your hair down following your recent stresses. X

    1. Thank you Jules...yes we enjoyed ourselves...still pulling down bits of cobweb and probably shall be for quite some time! x


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