Friday, 30 October 2015

Just Waiting

I truly hate not knowing the immediate way forward...but alas waiting for mortgage news means just that...we have started to pack away non essential items for storage, but it's nail biting stuff...that and having been clobbered metaphorically speaking with some sort of lurgee which sucks the breath and energy out of you with intermittent vertigo it's been a fun sarcasm here!

But tomorrow is All Hallows' eve...or Samhain, followed by All Saints day and then All Souls Day...and then bonfire night...truly a time to remember and look forward. We shall be decorating the house later today for a party tomorrow...pretty more than gouhlish! Because of the continued lurgee food will be kept to basic and easy...I intend to make up a themed quiz for our guests and think up some other games also...someone is going to be busy...

So that's it for to the city with eldest daughter ideas...well bridesmaid actually, as THE dress has already been found!

Take care, J. x


  1. Being in limbo is soooo frustrating, even more so when you're feeling rubbish. I hope you're soon feeling much better. Enjoy your party. I've carved my pumkin and that's as much as I'm doing this year! Oh, and dress details are required please. :-) x

    1. Hi Jules...yep a limbo we are in...tense...still lots to do before the ghostly gang descend upon us this evening...and THE dress...well it's preddy...and that's all I'm allowed to divulge on that score...even to father of the bride! Bridesmaid dress shopping drew a zero possibility yesterday...all black and Christmassy stuff at the moment. X


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