Saturday, 10 October 2015

Elusive Sleep

It is almost 2:30am...and I have just given up trying to sleep for now...hubby has a nasty head cold and is making some pretty random noises in his sleep...but sleep he must so rather than toss and turn any more I find myself on the living room sofa. I too feel a bit of a nasal disturbance coming along, and am rather thirsty...Heidi has been stepped over by me more than once on the kitchen floor, but she is so sound asleep I don't think I shall be disturbed by a damp nose anytime soon...we had a lovely walk this afternoon on the beach with her new found doggy friend...who's much more agile than she and gave her a really good run around!

The other day I mentioned our trip to Tarr Steps...a beautiful place...and here it is...

Many years ago...pre children and all that I drove across here, well actually a friend did...we were with a party of YFC friends. I probably wouldn't want to do that anymore! It was chilly, you could really feel it off the clear Exmoor water, but an absolutely georgeous day for a walk.



Walking back the other side of the river we found these...


Coins people have embedded into felt a truly magical place...but it didn't tempt me to part with any cash I'm afraid!

Actually I'd say it was hauntingly beautiful.

Take care, J. x


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  1. It really does look beautiful. Pre children!? Not quite sure I remember what that was like, although I'm sure I had much more money. I don't really understand the coins in tree trunk thing either. I hope you have a much more restful night tonight but you have a lot on your mind. X


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