Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Dear Spammers

Dear friends...this does not apply to you...

Oi you spammers...I'm a talkin' to you... Go pester someone else...actually no, don't do that...we've all been given a certain amount of time on this beautiful Earth...go do something that will make someone happy, make someone smile...for goodness sake, when you're ready to meet your maker one day do you really want to look back on what you've done and think...waw...I sure spammed a lot of people, that must have really spoiled their days...Have you no imagination to be creative, no heart to help others...would your Mother be proud of your actions...

J. X


  1. Oh no! Being relatively new to this blogging hoohaa I'm very niaive and don't know if you're talking about an individual or a company but it sure sounds draining. I hope you might find a way to deal with this. X

  2. Hi Jules...goodness knows who they are...but there are loads! So I've changed who can comment...and as yet no nasties have come through since. Silly people...or machines. X


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