Monday, 21 September 2015

This Shattered Feeling

Yep...that's me this evening after my day out at work. I've walked the dog...picked a few blackberries, cooked a tea of tiny pieces of lamb, runner beans, and cheesy mash which has butter, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and cheese added to mashed potatoes. Some apple sauce and gravy went nicely with it. I also knocked together a quick pineapple cheesecake. Yum.

This evening I've been unpicking some more of our three pairs of living room curtains. There are two smaller pairs and a huge pair that cover large patio doors. Keep plodding on...and you shall succeed...sure!

Tomorrow...well there will be no slacking...customer bills need to be made out. Invoices need paying, and heaps besides I expect. Aha well, deep breath, plod along.

The film I went to watch last night, Gemma Bovery was well, a little different to say the least but watchable and at times quite funny.

On a final note this evening here is a photo I took a few days ago of mist lifting, it looked like smoke.

Take care, J. x



  1. Lovely photograph. You've been very busy. I hope you're not overdoing it. I wouldn't know where to start sewing curtains. X

    1. Thank you Jules...the photo reminded me of a the Indians are coming scenario in an old western! x

  2. Hello my dear.. For being shattered you sure are accomplishing a lot.. When I feel like that I don't do much.. Good for you .. Your supper sounds lovely and can't wait to see your curtains.. Love love your photo.. Beautiful..
    God bless..xo

    1. Welcome home Faye! Actually yesterday was not productive at all...I had my first physio appointment and after being poked and prodded all I wanted to do was light the fire and that's kind of what I did...oops...x


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