Saturday, 26 September 2015

Secret Stash

I've momentarily found myself to be without a guard this morning so have taken the opportunity to photograph my recent acquisitions...

Firstly let me introduce you to green corduroy who hopefully will become green skirt...

And possibly a little bolero...if I shrink enough..he he!

Next we have farmyard...destined to become an apron...possibly a bag as well...

Next meet butterfly and spot...this I've earmarked as a prairie style apron thingy...something like I saw on Lea Lu's stand but an awful lot cheaper!

Yes there's more...she was a very persuasive fairy...very good at her job...

Floral green and plain cream was to become another apron...but I have ideas in my head now...maybe I will be able to squeeze a garment out of this combination for my weary joints...we shall see...

And lastly...yes lastly (for now) we have ourselves some pretty fabric to make some lucky person a good sized shopping bag...or two actually...

Well that's all (she says with head hanging slightly in shame)...darn that fairy!

But it's all pretty...and as my grown up children looked so horrifyingly aghast when I kind of said that just maybe it was time that a certain someone stopped visiting them on December 24th during the hours twixt sundown and sunrise on the 25th it will all be used to good effect. Our children are still our children however old they become after all.

Take care, J. x



  1. Such beautiful fabrics! The dotty one is my favourite. I wish I was a capable seamstress. I look forward to seeing your finished creations. X

    1. Oh dear... I never said I was a capable seamstress! I also look forward to seeing the finished creations. X


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