Monday, 28 September 2015

Just Not My Day

You know the sort of thing...everything seems stacked against you...firstly when I went to get the key out of the key safe to open up the hall for the Monday Club it wasn't there. I rang the appropriate number...then pressed the appropriate extension and spoke to a real human being...who tried to put me through to the appropriate person...only they weren't there. Remembering that all the sheltered housing residents had their own keys I picked my victim and banged on their door...thankfully they believed my story of who I was and where I worked and my desperate need to open up the that was that...
But wait...there's more...while taking all the art stuff from my car I managed to drop a large tin full of crayons on my big toe joint...the lid came off and the next thing I knew I was scrabbling around on the ground retrieving said crayons from rolling in all directions.
So a tiring day at the club...then home to water plants and walk the dog...but oh...let's pick a few berries from the delightful autumn hedgerow...and that was my final downfall of the day (hopefully) I looked higher into the hedge I spied the most delectable looking blackberries and without any thought for my personal safety stepped closer into the hedge to reach up...BIG MISTAKE...squelch...stinky stagnant mud...on my my shoe...yuck.
I called for backup...youngest daughter was with me...and when she'd stopped laughing (quite some time later) obeyed my orders to get some large dock leaves...a tip...dock leaves don't make a very good job of wiping away sludge from your feet....bare feet devoid of socks or stockings. Shudder!
Anyway...enough talk of bad for the fun stuff...creative...that was me yesterday...not with fabric, but yarn...a scarf in the making for youngest goes...
Rather a long way to go yet I'd best stop procrastinating and get on...take care, J. x


  1. Oh, you poor thing! Days like that are just rubbish and it seems like once one thing has gone wrong it spirals from there. On a positive note that scarf is sooooo nice. Really cosy looking. X

  2. Hi Jules...I sure hope she likes the finished article...not sure whether to add a fringe yet...apparently it's to be really long! X


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