Saturday, 19 September 2015

Digging Deep

Latest has been valued at not enough so property not on market.

Property not on market means our future is still on hold...

Daughter getting married in one year from next weekend...

Somebody will need to give us both a heartfelt apology for all the messing about we've endured because of their actions and lack of actions over the past nearly 30 years if they wish to be present at our daughters wedding.

I've been mad...I've been I feel it's time to get even.

J. x


  1. Now I'm scared! Oh dear, I do hope you manage to find a resolution to your concerns. I'm getting married next year too and there is a close family member (his, not mine) who has not received an invitation. We are awaiting the fallout. :-)

  2. Good luck with your wedding. I've had enough...not for myself as I can make a home anywhere...but what I've had to watch my husband go through has been awful, and has obviously affected our children negatively. I don't like fallouts but this situation is beyond ridiculous. J.x


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