Sunday, 20 September 2015

A Weekend Of Doing

So...chin up and on we go...

Firstly yesterday I press ganged persuaded my youngest child into helping clear out some rubbish under utilised things from our garage. We got ever so slightly carried away but the result is marvellous. I'm sure hubby never needed to keep a half of what he had anyway! Sshhhh...and if he needs anything that has mysteriously vanished well I remember him taking it down to the farm, don't you?!!

Next I finally managed to clear off our front porch which is open fronted. Swept, scrubbed then rearranged. Hah hah, much better to come home to.

This morning hubby had some jobs to do at the farm so as youngest lovvie was home we ventured to the garden centre and brought home with us some autumn colour.

At the moment it is just waiting on the porch to be potted up, but even so a sight to gladden any heart for sure.

After a little more sweeping of the surrounding area and some weeding, I came in and started on one of the living room curtains. As in reworking it not beating it up or anything! I'm remaking our curtains with an interlining of lovely warm cotton bump. We shall be cosy this winter.

And next will be a blissful hot soak in the tub for me...the last few days I've really been pushing my luck with my back. On Friday I loaded up a boot full of logs for our log store in case it comes that bending and lifting really hurt.

Somebody came along with me but couldn't be bothered to even chase pheasants...

So eventually I blocked her in...

Tomorrow is club day...only once a week but my goodness it seems to come around quickly...I've loaded up the car ready for the morning. Yeah!

This evening I'm off out with a friend to watch a film...Gemma Bovery...never heard of it before but apparently it's a bit of a classic? Time will tell.

I really fancied some of these for lunch the other day...

They were undoubtedly yummy!

Later I used these...

To pad out our meat ration in this...

Then went on to make rather a scrummy blackberry and apple cake...

All while this monster was boiling...

Last evening we headed off to watch Barnstaple carnival and fireworks. Those floats in the carnival were good, there just weren't that many, and the advertised fireworks did not materialise. I think knuckles will be rapped somewhere along the line. We have already decided not to go next year! Even my toffee apple just wasn't as good as my home made ones. Live and learn.

I've always liked to mark the changing of the seasons in various ways, and having a daughter with an October birthday made celebrating All Hallows' eve and All Souls Day extra special. I really like doing some decorating for the event and this year hope to get back into having a bit bigger 'do'. I feel plans coming together in my head...I do love a good party!

Take care everyone...J. x



  1. Cripes! You're a maiden with a mission today. And here was I feeling smug that I've made a chicken pie for dinner. You put me to shame. X

    1. I'm sure your chicken pie will be delicious! It's surprising what you can do when someone has got your goat do to speak...I'm just trying to use the energy productively and not letting it go inwards where it can cause all sorts of harm. When are you starting your blog? Jackie x

    2. Ha ha, yes, it's amazing how fast I can do my regular run on the days someone has cheesed me off ( to put it politely). I dipped my toe back in bloggy waters last night. X

    3. I'm hunting for it right now...while unpicking a curtain! x


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