Friday, 25 September 2015

A Diagnosis

The other day had my first physio appointment. You know when a little piece of the jigsaw is fitted and bingo you can see the full picture...Well they have diagnosed me with joint hypermobility. It doesn't cause everyone pain who has it but when it does it can be a major ouch. I have several of the symptoms...apparently my fallen arches can even be blamed on it. Anyway I have come away with a lot of exercises to do...lots and lots, just to keep the nasty thing called pain where it belongs, locked tightly away.

Today youngest and I ventured to our county capital of Exeter, actually just outside of the city, to spend the day oggling at pretty fabrics, yarn and stitching things...ooh there was much loveliness. The spending fairy weighed heavily upon my shoulder and kept whispering in my ear to buy fabric...pretty fabrics that I have stashed discretely under some cushions out of the way of inquisitive eyes. I have bought myself some hard work. Fabric to turn into beautiful things to gift for the Yule season...exciting! As male family members are present I have yet to unleash all that beauty from its bag and photograph it. They don't always appreciate beauty in quite the same way...maybe tomorrow when the boys are out to play.

It appears we are to be fortunate enough to be in for a few days of lovely autumn weather. We have a wedding party to attend tomorrow evening and I think Sunday will be back to the curtain grind. Not one curtain has been sewn so far...Farm Boy AKA son is home from the big JCB land for a few days and says he's happy to sleep in the room with no curtains as its dark at night! Silly mother worrying about that then...anyway take care, J. x


  1. Woohoo! Not quite sure where that came from but I must be in good company - I have it too! It has caused all sorts of issues over the years. Strong core muscles and yoga can work wonders.
    I am very much looking forward to drooling over photographs of said pretty fabric. I'm shocked you gave in to the spending fairy. ;-) x

    1. Poor you- being remotely like me! Perhaps we ought to start up a crocks club then! Or should that be crooks! Anyhow now I know I'm not a lone sufferer. I'm starting a pilates class next Friday. Now I know why I have very poor core muscles...poor things have wasted away at the expense of my joints. And don't you know about spending fairies...they are only tiny, but are very powerful and must be obeyed!:-) x


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