Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Well yesterday saw me attending my first back appointment. It hurt a quite a bit....and today guess hurts a lot lot more! Indeed my pelvis had certainly migrated from its rightful position, and I'd developed a curve to my spine. My job involves lots of twisting and bending to the right. So with a prognosis of yes I can make you better, but it will happen again with your job I decided enough was enough. I asked my employer if I could go back and just do the activity club. And they've agreed thankfully. So for now I'm still off sick, but after next week, and further appointments hopefully I shall at least be doing one day a week.

I have lots of exercises to do, and it feels as though I've been through a mangle or something. Last night I took Heidi just down to the Noddy tree. Only ten minutes each way, but boy did it feel a long long way. So today I've set myself the tasks exercises, one load of washing, dishes, and an hour of paperwork, oh and cook tea. And that's all!

Sadly none of this...

My sewing corner...but I will get better, and I will soon be able to do all the things I want (hopefully).

Take care, J. x


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