Monday, 24 August 2015

Getting A Life Back

Slowly...albeit slowly things seem to be improving. Mentally if not physically yet. Tomorrow I have my first back appointment. I have had to go private as to wait until the end of September was just a no go. I'll get there. Today work asked me if I still wanted my first two weeks off as holiday pay or sick leave. While SSP is not as much I've opted to choose it over using up my holiday entitlement as I have loads I need to get done before winter and haven't been able to even think of. Belt tightening will be the order of the day for sure. Anyway I read somewhere the other day that it's not what we gather in life but what we scatter that's important. I'm inclined to agree.

Each day I've somehow found the enthusiasm to go out for a walk...painful and rather slow. But it is a non weight bearing exercise, so I hope I've been doing the right thing.

Weather wise August has been a bit of a soggy bog really, but we've found some lovely hours of sunshine scattered alongside the rain.

I've lurched my way around Rosemoor a couple of times, and met this scary spider...

I so did not like walking beneath him!

This little fella was outside the tea room waiting for crumbs...

And just look at this enormous tree...

It makes son look small! So amongst all the emotion and pain I must remind myself that there have been smiles and happiness. There was even a birthday. Aha well...

Take care...J. x



  1. Your photographs are beautiful. I hope you are soon feeling in good health once more.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I tried to see if you have a blog yourself, but all appears blank!

    2. I will be setting one up shortly. I had some problems first time around. X


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