Monday, 31 August 2015

Bye Bye Birdies And A Naughty Dog

Yesterday I noticed the swallows mustering along the wires. A sure sign they're getting ready to depart. And then this happened.

Two fledglings appeared along our back fence. They were being fed by their parents at regular intervals.

Now I know I really should get out the DSLR, but iPhones are so convenient.

Surely these babies won't be expected to fly far away just yet?

Sadly yesterday for a variety of reasons I just did not get to take Heidi out in the car for a jaunt. Backache, earache, and headache, being only three of my woes!

Anyway wrapped up well I decided that two days running of no walkies beyond the gates was not on so off we set. Humph...bad dog walked by an innocuous looking pile of something in the middle of the lane...I thought I'd got away with it, but oh no...up went her nose and about turn. Off she went into a state of ecstasy, rolling in squalor! No amount of me shouting Heidi you ******* would stop her. So this was the result...

Doesn't she look pleased with herself...

So bad dog has now suffered the humiliation of having a shower!

She's been thoroughly rubbed dry and has chosen to lie out in the sun...good choice for now. Heidi like many other dogs suffers with skin itching which for the past year or so has been helped considerably by taking a drug called Apoquel. Fantastic apart from two issues...price being one, and the other being that it's been so popular there is real difficulty obtaining enough. So having read and read and read some more I've decided to try her on a raw food diet. Tomorrow will be day one...bang on it. Apparently it's the way to go as raw food passes through quicker than processed does and it's when the two mix that problems can occur. I really hope this is the answer to her woes. Having worked it out feeding her the recommended balance of muscle meat, bone, offal etc. should be cheaper than her processed food that's been giving her problems plus the cost of the medication. An important part of her diet will also be green tripe! Lucky girl. She seems to like eating a variety of disgusting things so should do ok.

Whilst out today the sky turned rather threatening...

I was rather glad it was time to head for home.

Though we did a bit of hedgerow admiring along the way.

So that's it for today...I'm just starting my fourth week off sick...getting rather fed up now. Seeing back lady again on Friday. Ooh can't wait!

My bank holiday weekend highlight will be watching the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on the BBC later...then it's Autumn for me...take care, J. x


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  1. We still have some young swallows in a nest in the shed, it's their 3rd lot I think. Goodness knows how they will fly back south if the weather stays nasty and the adults decide it's time to go


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