Thursday, 2 July 2015

War Against Flies

I'm sure flies have their use on Earth, however, in my home they are just plain unwelcome. Sorry flies, but I've had enough of you pooing over everything. Now that there is fresh paint on some of our walls it is even more important to me that they stay out of it. Hubby is really busy helping get a marquee and the site ready for a cousins wedding on Saturday, we've hardly seen each other, but this morning without me even having to nag he came up trumps and installed this defence...

No little blighters yet anyway, though it's been thunder raining most of the morning. Heidi went straight through it no problem. Phew!

I'm continuing to put back the kitchen, doesn't grease get everywhere...nearly done, but it's been taking a lot of hard work. I'm working later and need a sit down so have switched on some Wimbledon. Murray is playing. Fingers crossed.

I think I'm happy with these shelves now...

And these always hang around here, but I don't know why as above the drainer probably isn't the best place...

Take care, J. x


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  1. Oh, what a beautiful home! I hate flies too. After living on a horse farm most of my adult life, flies came with the territory. I can kill 'em quick though!


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