Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Deed Is Done

Now what I'm about to tell you must be just be between you and me...OK?!

This morning youngest daughter and I cleaned out the Esse (again). We I covered up everything possible. Then we set to work...our tools of choice, wire brushes, a vacuum, and a skewer. Interesting. We duly completed our task and then we I cleaned up. I was leaving lighting it until a little later giving me chance to scrub around the Esse in relative comfort. Eventually I started on the front of the oven doors...then I opened the oven doors...and then I noticed the little removable plate between the two doors...and then I remembered with horror that I was supposed to clean out this chamber regularly...and then I realised that I hadn't done this for a VERY LONG TIME...big oops! It was bunged full of soot. So now we've just bought additive to go in the oil could this have been the reason for the sooting problem. Hang head in shame. At the moment oil is around 40 pence per litre, whilst additive is £20 per litre. Now I'm in a quandary. Do we really need additive in the future. But just for now hubby is out busily would be a shame to spoil his evening, week, month...hey why would he want to know anyway?!!

So sshhhhh...

The kitchen is coming together nicely...paint is drying on shelves so not everything is in its place yet, but...

This is a little shelf unit purchased from a charity was orangey brown...not my taste so paint has been applied.

Jars still need relabelling and sorting, but they are ok for now...

The flowers are finally in their vase in the hallway...

And right after snapping this, the cows bolted for Heidi leaving me legging it towards the paddock gate to let her in. Normally in this shot you would be able to see Dartmoor, but the earlier thunderstorms have left it in a shroud of cloud.

My bottom would dearly love an appointment with the sofa, so until next time, take care, J. x


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