Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Summer Winds

We've been having some good temperatures, but largely these have been spoilt by the persistent winds. It would have been lovely to bbq outside for the past couple of evenings, but it's been just too windy. Actually this evening we've had some pretty heavy showers as well. So listen up winds...give us a break please!

I'm afraid to admit that I've rather neglected the poly tunnel this year. I just can't get up the enthusiasm for it, especially now it's moved to the new spot. It just feels hemmed in and clostrophobic. So basically it's a bit of a mess.

Moving swiftly on...today has seen some diploma progress. Also a little paperwork has been done. It's a pity it's still decorating the entire dining table.

Last Wednesday was our 26 year anniversary. And surprise surprise we had a day out together! Highly unusual. First we went to Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor.

We visited the museum while we were there. I've just realised that I haven't transferred all the photos yet so only have access to a few on here. It was dry but rather cloudy. We stayed here to lunch. I preferred the more traditional bar area to the done up restaurant. I have somewhere pictures of Mary's Bar which if I remember I'll post another time. In the afternoon we headed for Boscastle. Photos to follow as they aren't on here either! We visited the museum of witchcraft. Interesting but not quite as I had imagined it would be. I never knew that you were not a witch if you weighed more than a bible. I weigh lots more!

Next we headed home, picked up the mutt and bought a portion of fish and chips to share at Westward Ho! A doggy walk followed. We were all happy and tired when we returned home.

Since then it's been the usual mix of work and walkies. Our hedges are looking lovely...





Strange specimen in the last photo! Hope you're all enjoying your time doing whatever you're doing. J. x


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