Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Plotting and Planning

It's begun...the planning...the where, the when...the HOW MUCH! Hubby has started to make suggestions, like silly ones...he'll learn...either quickly or we'll force him to watch Father of the Bride on loop!

But I must not daydream too much just yet...I still have a whole load of diploma to wade through long before anyone hears wedding bells. I've sat down and tweaked our monthly budget though...actually I've put thumb screws on it...this is seriously going to hurt! It will call for a lot of careful use of supplies. Rationing will be in full force...luckily quite often the simplest cheapest meals turn out to be the tastiest. Although I'm happy we haven't as yet exceeded buying more than our quota for each week I have bought in bulk but less often if you get my drift. I can't imagine anyone wanting to sell me 2oz butter at a time! And with our butcher of choice being a 45 minute drive away I certainly won't be going once a week. Luckily hubby regularly needs parts from a supplier on the same Estate so petrol is not wasted on such a long trip. I time freezer filling with a business 'need' as well. One thing we have been eating more of though is sausages. Apparently they were not on the ration...not until 1942 anyway. I also make sure to factor in extra rations for any visitors we have to meals...they need know nothing about what I'm trying to do...after all if I fail so what...big deal...but imagine inviting someone in wartime for a meal and casually slipping into the invite...oh and please bring your coupons!!

Our weather must surely turn more Summery again soon...we've been sitting next to this the last few evenings...

Seriously in July...silly weather...

Right, a plan for tomorrow...washing...hoovering...bake two boiled fruit cakes...(one for village event)...and finish another diploma unit...

What to not beat myself up over cos it isn't going to get done tomorrow...the dusting...the VAT...any more bills...and tidying up the poly tunnel...chill!

Take care, J. x


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