Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Just Want To Sleep

A day off. I'm supposed to be doing paperwork, but all I want to do is sleep. Everything has caught up with me. I'm tired. My head feels as though it's on all wonky and that someone is trying to prize the top off with a can opener. Not pleasant I assure you! But true all the same. Wimbledon is on, not Murray as the rain has come and I can't even keep my eyes open for that. So this afternoon I'm going to let my body lead the way and dictate to me what I should and shouldn't do.

We have enjoyed our first cucumber of the season. Lovely. Lettuce is cut and come again. Tomatoes are there but small and green. My mojo isn't great where gardening is concerned. I'd love some raised beds, but not here. We half thought we wouldn't be here this harvesting season, but that hope has been quashed. Not knowing your own destiny saps your energy big time. But let's not venture down that thought path. Not healthy.

The magician at the wedding was actually Welsh. A certain Jasper Blakely, one of his acts is Kockov. He was very good, if a little scary when you didn't realise it was a character! We were also treated to the comedian Johnny Cowling the Kernow King. It was some do!

Guess who was five yesterday?!

Take care, J. x


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