Thursday, 9 July 2015

Ha Found!

My blog is no secret, but I haven't told friends or family about it either, not wanting to make them think they needed to read the mindless twaddle I write, so I found it rather amusing when one of my sisters said she'd found me. Though it didn't tell her my name she surmised it must be me without seeing any photos as the word Esse popped up! That darn Esse is just no good to anybody!!

So hello Marion...welcome to my little world.

After a couple of rather dubious days of highly un-summer-like weather things appear to be on the up. Well they are if you're a weed or so it seems. I think painting will have to be on the back burner for the time being while I catch up on the more mundane chores. Big sigh. I'd dearly love to get splashing some more colour about the place but boring things more pressing things must come first.

Good news though...the door chain curtain thingy appears to be working a really happy person here! We've had the odd fly but I think that has come in via the bathroom and daughters bedroom. Believe me as soon as a fly is spotted it becomes a military operation to catch and dispose of said creature as swiftly as possible. Now on to the mutt...bad girl...nights are mornings come early...anyone want to play with a hairy slobbering beast at 3am please leave your contact details! Heidi will be on the next train!! Only joking, but really 3am is not time to go play...seriously. Curtains are in the process of being made thicker and longer, therefore more blackout-able. Snoring dog=good dog.

So off for a walk time...someone has been on heat so walks have been in the fields, but I think we're good to go out today. Dog, camera, fun, oh and doggie bags...charmed life!

Take care everyone, J. x


  1. I told lots of people about my blog but most don't read it. I tell them "Honestly, if you can't rely on family to read your blog , who can you rely on?!"

  2. Ha ha... That is funny about your sister finding your blog.. I don't think my sister reads my blog very much .. She just likes the pictures.. lol..
    I am sorry I have been absent for the last bit but we are finally settling down in one place for a couple of months so I should do better.. I did go back and catch up with you and see you have been a busy soul..
    Take care, my friend. xo


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