Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Best Foot Forwards

Feeling slightly better this morning. Trying to banish all negative thoughts, but in the dark of night when you wake up with a jolt it's really not that easy. I've made a list of things that I can still do while we remain here that will serve us well when we move. I have a large bag of feathers to make sumptuous cushion pads. Bliss! The set of kitchen curtains will be made as wide and long as possible. Good sewing practice as it will be my first attempt at interlining. I also still intend to paint a dresser we have. Also we need to eat up everything in our large freezer...trying to keep on the straight and narrow of rationing portions is helping...we've had some very unusual meals lately! Not sure what meat it was, but I guessed pork, hubby guessed barley beef. Strange, anyway the remains are now in a pot pretending to be stew. Yum yum...needs must! Anyway in wartime wasn't it the rule never to ask what the meal was actually made with? I can see why...I also think that when the freezer is empty I may be sorely tempted to try rabbit, and make more use of our supply of pheasant. Looking forward to that immensely (or not). Still, poor hubby, I get to eat some meals at work. He he!

Not sure quite where Summer has gone or if indeed it intends to come back this year.

And finally what does this ...

And this...

Have in common?

Well they were both needed this afternoon walking this...

Actually two carrier bags were required. She was a reluctant walker today, having been out with eldest daughter on a school trip to the beach all day yesterday! Poor pooch.

Take care, J. x


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