Sunday, 12 July 2015

A Hiccup?

This weekend has been far from plain sailing. Heidi has been rather a monkey, whimpering and barking at night. Possible causes, hunger, hot, bored, plain naughty. Solutions, hunger...change of diet, sorry vet, she may be fat but she's happier when full and we need our sleep, hot... a good bucketful of fur has been cut off her neck and chest area...silly looking but much cooler, she also has a fan on! least an hours exercise per day, and finally, plain naughty, a squeezy bottle of water with a little vinegar worked wonders last night.

The new mean mutt out on her walk along the Tarka Trail just after the Wimbledon final earlier. We met a party from Colerado and had a nice chat, saw two herons and a kingfisher. It was a lovely stroll before tea. Psssst...please don't tell her she looks silly!

Other news...well I really knew I shouldn't have started painting, and really I shouldn't have. But I did. Unfortunately we learned yesterday that our landlords would dearly like the property to offer to their son in the not too distant future. Though they have no plans to force us to leave, just knowing that they really want it back is enough for me not to want to stay much longer. A rent increase is on the cards also, so I imagine if we outstay our welcome we may well be priced out.

So....heartache to start, then practical me stepped in. Phone calls. Polite conversations...and now hopefully the property that was previously up for sale then withdrawn will be be back on the market very soon...and if it doesn't sell we'll be camping at the inlaws! OMG did I really threaten that?!! Actually yes I did. So no more painting, though I'm going to try and summon up the willpower to sort out the curtains...we'll see.

Back to the grind tomorrow...and I'm contemplating volunteering to have a go at a night shift...undecided as yet, but I may give it a dummy run at home sometime. The pay is better, if only my body clock will play ball.

All in all an eventful weekend. Our baby turned twenty on Friday, so no more teenagers in our home! The shock news that hopefully will lead to better things eventually for us, and well another weekend gone. 'Till next time, take care, J. x


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