Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Plotting and Planning

It's begun...the planning...the where, the when...the HOW MUCH! Hubby has started to make suggestions, like silly ones...he'll learn...either quickly or we'll force him to watch Father of the Bride on loop!

But I must not daydream too much just yet...I still have a whole load of diploma to wade through long before anyone hears wedding bells. I've sat down and tweaked our monthly budget though...actually I've put thumb screws on it...this is seriously going to hurt! It will call for a lot of careful use of supplies. Rationing will be in full force...luckily quite often the simplest cheapest meals turn out to be the tastiest. Although I'm happy we haven't as yet exceeded buying more than our quota for each week I have bought in bulk but less often if you get my drift. I can't imagine anyone wanting to sell me 2oz butter at a time! And with our butcher of choice being a 45 minute drive away I certainly won't be going once a week. Luckily hubby regularly needs parts from a supplier on the same Estate so petrol is not wasted on such a long trip. I time freezer filling with a business 'need' as well. One thing we have been eating more of though is sausages. Apparently they were not on the ration...not until 1942 anyway. I also make sure to factor in extra rations for any visitors we have to meals...they need know nothing about what I'm trying to do...after all if I fail so what...big deal...but imagine inviting someone in wartime for a meal and casually slipping into the invite...oh and please bring your coupons!!

Our weather must surely turn more Summery again soon...we've been sitting next to this the last few evenings...

Seriously in July...silly weather...

Right, a plan for tomorrow...washing...hoovering...bake two boiled fruit cakes...(one for village event)...and finish another diploma unit...

What to not beat myself up over cos it isn't going to get done tomorrow...the dusting...the VAT...any more bills...and tidying up the poly tunnel...chill!

Take care, J. x


Some Happy News

OMG...I am to be Mother of the Bride! Hopefully next September, well if this doesn't encourage me to lose a few pounds nothing ever will. Eldest daughter Catherine came home on Sunday saying James had fallen on his knee the day before, which was their seven year anniversary. At first I thought about getting out the plasters, but then saw a cheeky smile on her face and twigged. So now we're talking wedding talk...They went ring shopping and guess what...she's fussy...I think it's being made. Ohhhhhh the wait!!

So congratulations to you both...be happy, but not at the expense of each other...

Love, Mum. xx


Saturday, 25 July 2015

More Heavens Than One

Right now we are here...

And my beloved mutt in the above photo has just done this...

So that now the table and bench is a little damp!

The sun is shining but there is a cool breeze...I have on layers...read dressed up like an old hag!! In my coke bottle there is refreshing home made elderflower cordial. Mmmmmmmmm...the water is making a beautiful sound.

I can hear sounds in the distance. The local Cavaliers are burning rubbish by their bonfire...they are making a replica of Trumpton. It will all go up in smoke at the end of August. I believe their bonfires are practically world famous. Great Torrington has a lot of history from the civil war.

Now Heidi has found something revolting to roll in...glad she's having such a good time...read sarcasm here! She will need to go back in the river before we go.

Yesterday was not a bad day...but the weather was not good...I worked and it continued to rain until late evening so no walkies...Heidi was sad. This morning I went down to the Cowslip studios/ workshops near Launceston with my eldest daughter. They have a special weekend on with stalls and demonstrations on their Bernia sewing machines. I bought some fabric at a knock down price... fabric that I nearly bought a few days ago not at such a bargain! This made me verrrry happy. As soon as I came back a certain someone started to howl....she wasn't going to be overlooked two days running for sure.

The table where I'm sitting is not always free...so today we are lucky...I can blog and read while Heidi has a little paddling time, though at the moment she's right by me dripping her wetness over my legs...cool dog! There's also a sizeable dribble forming...lucky me!

I've also visited a very popular butchers today...Philip Warren...based on an industrial estate in Launceston, if footfall is anything to go by we should have some delicious local meat over the next month. I bought a selection, having been living on boring for the last umpteen weeks. Anyway they sell big bags of cooked meaty bones...perfect for well behaved dogs...if only I knew of one....pity!!

Right after typing the above we were visited by two male Alsatian doggies...who wanted to sniff Heidi's oops a daisy so we went a wandering. Two hours later...we'd had a big adventure that went something like this...








The photo above is looking down at where we came from...it's steep...we had to cross the river and climb...and there are adders about...we could hear them, that's why we stuck close to the shade of the river most of the time. Finally we made it to the Alexander path and back up to the car...

Guess who's fallen asleep?!! Snoring too...bless...

Below are a few photos from our trip to Jamaica Inn and Boscastle...

A man trap...yikes


Above the pub fireplace and below Mary's room fireplace...

As in Mary Yellan from Jamaica Inn...And below the original bar with characters from the book...

And Boscastle...



'Twas fun...but enough idleness...someone needs to prepare some tea...whoever that may be?!!...Take care, J. x


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Summer Winds

We've been having some good temperatures, but largely these have been spoilt by the persistent winds. It would have been lovely to bbq outside for the past couple of evenings, but it's been just too windy. Actually this evening we've had some pretty heavy showers as well. So listen up winds...give us a break please!

I'm afraid to admit that I've rather neglected the poly tunnel this year. I just can't get up the enthusiasm for it, especially now it's moved to the new spot. It just feels hemmed in and clostrophobic. So basically it's a bit of a mess.

Moving swiftly on...today has seen some diploma progress. Also a little paperwork has been done. It's a pity it's still decorating the entire dining table.

Last Wednesday was our 26 year anniversary. And surprise surprise we had a day out together! Highly unusual. First we went to Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor.

We visited the museum while we were there. I've just realised that I haven't transferred all the photos yet so only have access to a few on here. It was dry but rather cloudy. We stayed here to lunch. I preferred the more traditional bar area to the done up restaurant. I have somewhere pictures of Mary's Bar which if I remember I'll post another time. In the afternoon we headed for Boscastle. Photos to follow as they aren't on here either! We visited the museum of witchcraft. Interesting but not quite as I had imagined it would be. I never knew that you were not a witch if you weighed more than a bible. I weigh lots more!

Next we headed home, picked up the mutt and bought a portion of fish and chips to share at Westward Ho! A doggy walk followed. We were all happy and tired when we returned home.

Since then it's been the usual mix of work and walkies. Our hedges are looking lovely...





Strange specimen in the last photo! Hope you're all enjoying your time doing whatever you're doing. J. x


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A Message From The Mutt


Hello, Heidi here...thought I'd write a piece on here and tell you of some of my life. Last week I had a birthday, but Mum said I couldn't have a cake. I don't know if Mum still loves me as she's given me a very silly haircut. It does feel cooler though. Mum has given me different food, and now I don't get hungry in the night. I'm not allowed to wake up Mum and Dad before half past six. So I have to hold on if I need to go, but I'm good at holding on so it's not so bad.

I don't really like being on my own, but when Mum and Dad go to work I have to be brave. They need to go to work so they can buy me lots of food. At the moment lots of my fur keeps falling out and Mum gets the broom and a noisy machine called a hoover out to clear it up. Once my tail got caught in the hoover and I made lots of noise. I don't like the hoover very much.

I like to go for nice walks to the beach and the river. Sometimes we go to a part of the Tarka Trail with bridges and I can't go into the river cos it's too far down. I like to get wet and muddy. Mum doesn't seem to like me getting wet and muddy. I have my own towels, but I don't know how to use the washing machine. Mum and Dad have lots of showers, but I don't like having too many. I like to shake before I get too dry, it helps Mum not give me too many showers.

I'm tired now, and need my sleep cos I want to wake Mum and Dad up at half past six. If I make a noise before that Mum comes out and shows me a bottle of water with some horrible stuff in it. I be quiet then because I don't like it. I used to wake Mum and Dad up lots, and open their door and steal Dads socks and Mums undies. Mum would get cross. So night night. Heidi. x


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Best Foot Forwards

Feeling slightly better this morning. Trying to banish all negative thoughts, but in the dark of night when you wake up with a jolt it's really not that easy. I've made a list of things that I can still do while we remain here that will serve us well when we move. I have a large bag of feathers to make sumptuous cushion pads. Bliss! The set of kitchen curtains will be made as wide and long as possible. Good sewing practice as it will be my first attempt at interlining. I also still intend to paint a dresser we have. Also we need to eat up everything in our large freezer...trying to keep on the straight and narrow of rationing portions is helping...we've had some very unusual meals lately! Not sure what meat it was, but I guessed pork, hubby guessed barley beef. Strange, anyway the remains are now in a pot pretending to be stew. Yum yum...needs must! Anyway in wartime wasn't it the rule never to ask what the meal was actually made with? I can see why...I also think that when the freezer is empty I may be sorely tempted to try rabbit, and make more use of our supply of pheasant. Looking forward to that immensely (or not). Still, poor hubby, I get to eat some meals at work. He he!

Not sure quite where Summer has gone or if indeed it intends to come back this year.

And finally what does this ...

And this...

Have in common?

Well they were both needed this afternoon walking this...

Actually two carrier bags were required. She was a reluctant walker today, having been out with eldest daughter on a school trip to the beach all day yesterday! Poor pooch.

Take care, J. x


Sunday, 12 July 2015

A Hiccup?

This weekend has been far from plain sailing. Heidi has been rather a monkey, whimpering and barking at night. Possible causes, hunger, hot, bored, plain naughty. Solutions, hunger...change of diet, sorry vet, she may be fat but she's happier when full and we need our sleep, hot... a good bucketful of fur has been cut off her neck and chest area...silly looking but much cooler, she also has a fan on! Boredom...at least an hours exercise per day, and finally, plain naughty, a squeezy bottle of water with a little vinegar worked wonders last night.

The new mean mutt out on her walk along the Tarka Trail just after the Wimbledon final earlier. We met a party from Colerado and had a nice chat, saw two herons and a kingfisher. It was a lovely stroll before tea. Psssst...please don't tell her she looks silly!

Other news...well I really knew I shouldn't have started painting, and really I shouldn't have. But I did. Unfortunately we learned yesterday that our landlords would dearly like the property to offer to their son in the not too distant future. Though they have no plans to force us to leave, just knowing that they really want it back is enough for me not to want to stay much longer. A rent increase is on the cards also, so I imagine if we outstay our welcome we may well be priced out.

So....heartache to start, then practical me stepped in. Phone calls. Polite conversations...and now hopefully the property that was previously up for sale then withdrawn will be be back on the market very soon...and if it doesn't sell we'll be camping at the inlaws! OMG did I really threaten that?!! Actually yes I did. So no more painting, though I'm going to try and summon up the willpower to sort out the curtains...we'll see.

Back to the grind tomorrow...and I'm contemplating volunteering to have a go at a night shift...undecided as yet, but I may give it a dummy run at home sometime. The pay is better, if only my body clock will play ball.

All in all an eventful weekend. Our baby turned twenty on Friday, so no more teenagers in our home! The shock news that hopefully will lead to better things eventually for us, and well another weekend gone. 'Till next time, take care, J. x


Thursday, 9 July 2015

Ha Found!

My blog is no secret, but I haven't told friends or family about it either, not wanting to make them think they needed to read the mindless twaddle I write, so I found it rather amusing when one of my sisters said she'd found me. Though it didn't tell her my name she surmised it must be me without seeing any photos as the word Esse popped up! That darn Esse is just no good to anybody!!

So hello Marion...welcome to my little world.

After a couple of rather dubious days of highly un-summer-like weather things appear to be on the up. Well they are if you're a weed or so it seems. I think painting will have to be on the back burner for the time being while I catch up on the more mundane chores. Big sigh. I'd dearly love to get splashing some more colour about the place but boring things more pressing things must come first.

Good news though...the door chain curtain thingy appears to be working a treat...read really happy person here! We've had the odd fly but I think that has come in via the bathroom and daughters bedroom. Believe me as soon as a fly is spotted it becomes a military operation to catch and dispose of said creature as swiftly as possible. Now on to the mutt...bad girl...nights are short...so mornings come early...anyone want to play with a hairy slobbering beast at 3am please leave your contact details! Heidi will be on the next train!! Only joking, but really 3am is not time to go play...seriously. Curtains are in the process of being made thicker and longer, therefore more blackout-able. Snoring dog=good dog.

So off for a walk time...someone has been on heat so walks have been in the fields, but I think we're good to go out today. Dog, camera, fun, oh and doggie bags...charmed life!

Take care everyone, J. x

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Just Want To Sleep

A day off. I'm supposed to be doing paperwork, but all I want to do is sleep. Everything has caught up with me. I'm tired. My head feels as though it's on all wonky and that someone is trying to prize the top off with a can opener. Not pleasant I assure you! But true all the same. Wimbledon is on, not Murray as the rain has come and I can't even keep my eyes open for that. So this afternoon I'm going to let my body lead the way and dictate to me what I should and shouldn't do.

We have enjoyed our first cucumber of the season. Lovely. Lettuce is cut and come again. Tomatoes are there but small and green. My mojo isn't great where gardening is concerned. I'd love some raised beds, but not here. We half thought we wouldn't be here this harvesting season, but that hope has been quashed. Not knowing your own destiny saps your energy big time. But let's not venture down that thought path. Not healthy.

The magician at the wedding was actually Welsh. A certain Jasper Blakely, one of his acts is Kockov. He was very good, if a little scary when you didn't realise it was a character! We were also treated to the comedian Johnny Cowling the Kernow King. It was some do!

Guess who was five yesterday?!

Take care, J. x


Monday, 6 July 2015

A Memorable Weekend

Tiring to say the least, but so lovely...a family wedding. Weather played ball...apart from the thunder storms on Sunday morning...

At the end of the day...hair having seen better times!

The cheese cart...made by hubby.

The sweet cart...made by hubby. The character to the right was a magician! A Russian one I believe.

Flowers...lots of flowers! The bride was a florist.

My babies.

Our patio slabs came out of storage...much to my surprise! Hubby didn't tell me.

And the bride and groom about to watch the fireworks standing under the arch hubby has just made for me...only for this wedding first!

All in all a lovely but oh so tiring weekend. J. x