Wednesday, 3 June 2015

We'll Call It A Draw

Yep...wind 1...poly tunnel 1. It's still standing, but a little battle weary. The potting table however has had a little mishap. Well it keeled over...with all the runner bean and pumpkin seedlings on it. The story of my life this growing season. Who me...utter expletives...never!

Painting, cleaning, and tidying of the dump garage is still underway. The pantry area is nearly complete. Just need to move the fridge and freezer to their alotted positions. The tool cupboard has been cleared and cleaned out. Yuck. Next will probably come the log storage area, before finally the laundry part. Then I intend to celebrate. How I don't yet know...but it will be quite some celebration!

Today has not been among my finest of hours...I could only have slept a couple of hours when I woke up feeling really stuffy. And could I get back to the end to save keeping hubby awake I ventured to the kitchen before settling on the sofa. My back has been really sore since tripping up the other day, and clearly it stiffens up over night, so pain and stuffy equals not a lot of shut eye. It's only been since a midday nap that I've been up to much. Even now I'm clearly not firing on all cylinders!

I've sorted the tool cupboard, and am in the middle of cleaning the bathroom. A tea break seemed necessary! I've also started to sand the apple crates in which we store our towels. Only with rough grit so far, maybe I'll refine them a bit more another day.

Yesterday found me venturing into my Winters End cupboard. The place where I stored lots of lovely things thinking to save all the good stuff for when we finally have a place of our own. I was heartbroken. The lovely bedding I had bought has been attacked by probably a hungry spider. It's nearly eaten through the top corner of the duvet cover and had left a lovely brown stain also. This was stored in its original sealed packaging. Grrrrrrrr...I've put all the bedding through the wash, and our new towels. From now on I'm keeping nothing for 'one day'.

I will not get down.

I will not get cross.

I will not frown or speak unkindly to others when they're being total ejits trying to help or trying to avoid helping.

I will gladly undertake menial tasks for others, even though they could really do those things for themselves.

I shall expect no payment for any of the above mentioned menial tasks.

I will not command control of the remote.

I will pick dirty laundry off the floor from next to the laundry bin without gritting my teeth.

After all I am a wife and Mother...

And I do love them all...honest, but today I am rather tired.

Take care, J. x


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