Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Innocent List

The moral of the tale I'm about to tell...don't expect to stick to a job list too religiously!

On my list...the usual, washing, drying, dishes, shower, clear table...and a small item...clean hall to office door...well I cleaned it, but the years of fly poo have left their mark, so...soak off border, ooh came off fairly easily...unscrew and remove various hanging bits...remove door curtain...remove curtain track...paint...WHAT...PAINT...now that wasn't on my to do list at all! I had part of a tin of something left over from painting the living room nearly four years ago. It will do though I doubt it will be sufficient for the whole hallway. Next job will be sand off the apple crates we have stacked for shoes and boots. Another task that wasn't on the list, but never mind...soon our hallway will seem a lot more inviting, and that is what it's all about.

Take care, J. x


  1. Yes, I know what you mean !!! lol... Isn't that always the way? Or if you plan to do something then something or someone interrupts and still it waits for us... God bless...xo

  2. Hello Faye...you have it nailed my dear! xx


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