Thursday, 18 June 2015

Slow But Sure

I know we have too much stuff...part of the problem has been moving from a four bedroom farmhouse to a two bedroom bungalow...supposedly temporarily, nearly four years so far.

When I really had hopes of being moved out of here at some point this year I started to pack up things like best china and bits that don't get used often. Sadly the property that needs to be sold in order for us to move along is still not back on the market. No use's just how it is...another in a very long line of disappointments for us. We survived the rest, we'll survive this one also.

Anyway...there really is only so much living out of boxes you can tolerate. And I'd reached my is unpacked...I've been to the dump to recycle what packaging I could and dump the rest. I've also been rather ruthless with possessions. I no longer intend to feel guilty if someone gives me something I do not like, need or want it will go, rather than letting it sit tormenting me year after year taking up precious space!

The hall paint continues...we do have quite a large hallway...big enough to put in stairs if the attic ever gets converted...

Just inside the front door...not sure which holes I still need so haven't filled any in yet! Do you think I ever will?!! The flowers are waiting to be arranged in a vase, but anyway it's a whole lot better looking already. I've taken the tops off my dressers in the hallway and have utilised them in the kitchen on top of the worktop as I don't have any top cupboards. The effect calms the hallway considerably. The perils of having an unfitted kitchen to store in a bungalow with a fitted kitchen! The basket in the photo has been continually refilled with elderflowers...batch four is now infusing!

The causality of the list has been the paperwork, so apart from going to work for the next five days on the trot, that is what will have to take presidence over bills out equals no money coming in. Yikes.

Well bedtime for early start tomorrow...

Take care, J. x


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