Saturday, 27 June 2015

Out Of It

I feel as though I've been out of it on here for a while. Life has been kind of eventful in little ways...such as this...

Normally cleaning out the Esse doesn't make much dirt around the whole kitchen, else I would have covered everything...big sigh of regret. It was the second soot up in a week, and I was wire brushing whilst dressed up like a suicide bomber...I kid you not. Foolishly I opened the window and front door...a plume of soot must have descended across the kitchen and into the newly painted hallway. Everywhere hubby's oil engrained hands had touched changed from normally invisible to the above yucky mess. It did not want to come off...seriously I was going to spray it black...we tried detergent, white spirit, manista hand cleaner, bleach...then youngest child's other half brought home some pro car body buffer thankfully we gleam, and the cupboard doors, in fact everything at the top end of the kitchen has been scrubbed and buffed...but through the arch where the walls are paint instead of tiles it will be scrub then paint...another big sigh! The sodding Esse went all of one day before sooting up again. I've let it out. Oil and additive should be delivered next week. I'm getting the dust sheets out later to clean the darn thing again...thank you EU for messing about with our oil!

Onwards girl...onwards...I'm making what probably is my sixth lot or maybe seventh even of elderflower cordial...I've cut back on the amount of sugar I add, and am storing those batches in the freezer. Diet coke is now sitting undrunk on the shelf...yay, thought I'd never kick the habit!

Work has been work...and when I get home there is another type of work waiting for me. My nemesis is the paperwork, whether I will ever be up to date with all aspects of it in one go I very much doubt. Plants need watering, dog needs feeding and brushing, meals need cooking, clothes washing etc...the list is endless as as soon as one item gets ticked off at least another two replace it.

So today's list...

Be kind to me! Sore throat back, and very sore problem area with swelling on top of spine...ouch.

Clean out inside of car...dirty doggy syndrome.

Prepare tea...something simple.

Water poly tunnel.

Two loads of washing.


Clear kitchen table...ha like that's ever going to happen!

Hoover through.

Dust living room.

Sort clothing for wedding next week...yikes I need to find a camisole top.

Smile, be happy and relax in the garden.

See...saved the best till last!

Take care, J. x



  1. Lovely to find your blog. You could always just relax in the garden and sod the rest. Except feed the dog. I would hate for the dog to go hungry. Have a lovely weekend. X

    1. I like your style! Yep...but er, didn't work like walls nearly painted! Still lots to do but getting there. And doggie would help herself if she thought no food was coming her way anytime soon! Take care, Jackie. x


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