Monday, 1 June 2015

June or November?

So much for goals to complete this evening...I came home from work at the beginning of a storm...which meant checking the poly tunnel. Oh dear. It was about a foot off the ground at one end! Breeze blocks were moved. Anything of weight was put to good use. At one point I was contemplating tying myself to the darn thing for the duration of the strong winds. (That thought didn't last long!) Anyway whatever happens I've done my best.

Next I set about putting our tea on to far so good...I really did have wonderful intentions...out to the garage to pop in some washing...then coming out of said garage, what twit tripped over the hoover flex...yep me. Years ago that would have been it...trip...oops...carry on...but now oh no...hobble, flinch, ouch. Hot bot, feet up, pain! No paintbrushes have been in action here this evening.

Instead curtains pulled, wood burner lit, lamps on, blanket snuggled. it June or November?

And living room colours potentially...

These have to go with a very deep almost dried blood red colour sofa, and tartan reddish curtains! But whatever...our bedroom will come before the living room...maybe something like this...

Blue come grey...should show off our cream distressed effect furniture, and black metal bedstead quite nicely.

Don't blow away!

J. x


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  1. Well I glad you didn't blow away!! I hope your Poly tunnel is still in good shape! A cup of tea will set everything to rights.



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