Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Flagging A Little

Apparently today was going to be gorgeous. Yeah right...there's been a stiff breeze and plenty of cloud. Not that it's affected me much. I'm pooped. Wiped out. The last four shifts have been horrendous. Big time. I do love my job, but just sometimes it's all a bit much. The rewarding bits are amazing, but physical violence towards us is always a threat. We scooped that bit full on, along with verbal abuse to boot.

Anyway...the first of my three days off was spent recouping, making the most of some peace, catching up on sleep and generally pottering about. In my dreams today I painted some more of the garage, moved the new fridge freezer to it's correct position, made out some invoices, and cleaned top to bottom. But my body and mind had other ideas, so plod along it was! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling more of a buzz for working. I did get our old towels and tea towels sorted, some for boiling up...some for kitchen rags and some for workshop rags for hubby. Washing has been done and hoovering, and steak cooked for tea. So at least small bits were done.

Tomorrow morning the weather is promising to be better and I am supposed to be going out with a friend to a lavender farm. Chill time! I think I'll be taking deep breaths while I'm there...see if it works!

I've also done a bit of internet therapy today. Oops! And I've ordered myself a cross stitch kit...yes, some serious chilling coming up. The eBay purchases have been September Morn china to add to our set, and a set of Bramley Hedge season plates. Can't wait I can't wait...just like Wilfred from the stories!

I believe this is the store stump...


And this is just too cosy...

And this is my china...

Love love love!

Take care, J. x


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  1. I loved those pics and the china is awesome.. What is there about dishes that makes us feel so good? smile..
    You sound like even though you think you are not accomplishing a lot that you really are... Looking forward to seeing
    some of your lavender shots.. xoxoo


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