Thursday, 11 June 2015

Disappointment And A Productive Day.

Yesterday's visit to the lavender farm turned out to be rather disappointing. I imagined a lavender farm to be just that...with fields of it growing. Well it's a few rows in a garden. A tea room in a converted bungalow. A hidden garden...not necessarily of lavender, that is a walk across what seemed to be a compost heap. And some poly tunnels of their vegetables. Give them their dues, the cream tea was lovely...just everything else was a bit underwhelming and under explained!

Well, that's yesterday out of the way. Today I've made some of this...

Which is now in this...

1lb 6oz of butter, and I also have 1 1/2 pints of buttermilk!

Next I collected these...

They are now infusing until I get home from work tomorrow when I'll strain them and make a cordial.

All the tubs have been watered, the dog has had two lurrups! My feet are tired. But it has been a good day. The wind is once again whipping up, and I can feel the promise of thunder in the air. I should really granular feed the tubs before the rains come...we'll see!

Some of the butter and buttermilk is destined to go towards making some scones for tea. We decided that through the summer months our evening meal will now be at eight. This gives me more time to do outside jobs when I get home from work, and very often hubby rushes his tea to go back, so hopefully this will result in a more relaxed eating atmosphere. Time will tell.

I've also set myself the task of making out two customer bills. I am dreadful I know. But there are so many other jobs calling to me at the moment, I'm pacing myself with the thought that every little helps and a little amount is doable relatively easily.

There is a chicken cooking slowly in the Esse, we're having a curry for tea, and I always prefer to make mine with pre cooked meat. Not having our meal until eight may mean we need to have a high-tea at around five! This makes me exceedingly happy. Perhaps a chance to turn out some pretty bone china to use. Knowing me, probably!

Some people inherit things...for some an unexpected windfall is their favourite thing to acquire...but I'm pretty certain that the most favourite thing I inherited when my Mother passed was a rose, we always knew of it as the Collabear rose, the name coming from Mum's childhood home, but my late uncle, Mum's brother always referred to it as Mother's rose, as his Mother, my Grandmother had tended it. So by whatever name here it is...


Not the biggest...not the brightest...but to me the most precious. I intend to do what my Mother did for us...cultivate one for each of my children. I never got to meet my maternal Grandmother, but knowing she tended a part of the plant I now care for is a very warm and grounding feeling. to make out those darned bills, and then prepare for high tea!!

Take care,

J. x



  1. I was just talking to my little ones about cream, butter and butter milk so an experiment is on the cards for us. I say experiment because I won't make butter or buttermilk from scratch as standard as cream is so expensive and I can never seem to get it on offer. That's a mighty fine amount you have there. What are you going to do with the buttermilk?

    1. Good afternoon can tell your little ones that some of the butter and buttermilk has made some very yummy scones. I had bought the cream cheaply, and with these results will be on the look out for more creamy bargains. I'm posting a picture of the resulting scones dressed with cream and jam in just a moment. Done the Devon way. Cream then jam...Cornish is jam then cream!
      Take care, Jackie. x


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