Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Trouble With Pages

The 70th. Anniversary of VE Day and all it's celebrations have spurred me on to wanting to update my wartime rations page. But wait...a problem (or two). Firstly to make a new post it goes to a completely new page. No, not what I want. So, I try to edit the original post, and on the IPad it won't let me scroll down far enough. I shall have to investigate further on the Mac. Today though, I have less than an hour before I need to leave for work. We watched some of the VE concert last night, and this morning have seen the service at Westminster Abbey, and the veterans marching (or being wheeled) to Horse Guards Parade. Emotional, and especially when the picture of my Father in his Coldstream Guard uniform hangs just to the left of our television.

Reflections, memories, a wistfulness for my youth, a longing for a simple uncomplicated life. All mixed up with pressures, and modern day wants makes for a mentally straining time.

There still are so many jobs I need to complete around the house, tidying, sorting, parting with things, cleaning, then there's my ever present struggle to keep up with the business paperwork. Big sigh! The garden needs more attention. I have set myself a task of completing all the written elements of two diploma units in a fortnight. Oh and the ironing pile is beginning to resemble a certain leaning tower. It can be a struggle, and I need to check and make sure I haven't broken any rationing rules. Hope not. But I do know it will get tougher..a lot tougher. Thankfully though, I can live through this experiment without the constant fear of being bombed, and having our menfolk go off to war. For that I truly am thankful.

Our youngest is really scared of birds...including this one, as he appears to stare at you from all angles. I think he's really rather cute though, so he stays!

J. x



  1. Lovely post.. So nice to hear about your days and your garden is doing great, eh? Love love that owl.. No wonder it is staying.. grin..
    God bless..xo

  2. Hi Faye...yes the garden is coming along...just need some lovely days to carry on the good work! J. x


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