Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My Little Boy

My little boy obviously has a touch of his Father in him after all. After assuring me that he was leaving to drive home after work on Friday (he normally finishes at one pm on Friday's), I merrily went ahead and invited his older sister and her partner over for a welcome home tea. Youngest daughters partner was away for the weekend...so that left five of us waiting...and waiting. Eventually I dared text son to ask where he'd got to. When the reply came through that he'd just got on to the M5 my heart sank. Another four hours later, past ten o'clock he arrived home. Apparently he'd worked until two, then gone home, washed his dishes, and did a bodge it job on his exhaust...but he hadn't lied...he left after work on Friday....just not right away!

At least he made it home safety...the first time since the Christmas break. He's been a busy lad, has a life of his own, and for this I'm glad, but it's been a long time apart, so there was no point me chastising him over his timing issue.

Saturday was glorious weather, and bless him he helped me do things out in the garden that hubby just has no enthusiasm for...it not being our own place, and a move always being on the cards...but when...exactly, we're here and I just want to make the most of what we do have.

So Saturday evening we took a disposable bbq down to the beautiful Bucks Mills...

And the shadow belongs to darling son!...

Our tea getting smoked rather a lot on the bbq. Hubby came down later when he'd finished a few jobs...aka when we were nearly ready to go home!

The beach is beautiful here, and it was practically deserted, but the effort to walk back up through the village is Herculean in proportion! It takes about the first three visits a year to master the trip with any degree of comfort.

A rather unflattering photo of me and the 'boy'...goodness knows whose sunglasses he had on...but they weren't his...this I know, because I was wearing his!
So on Sunday we had an extended family gathering, it quite pooped me out! On Monday we pottered a bit, visited a garden centre, and Michael went to see a friend. Today has been a bit more of everything, and bless him he's now off silaging, will he be eating the tea he requested I cook...who knows. But if he doesn't turn up I'll scoff his portion of pavlova!! Not kidding!
Time is flying, take care...J. x


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  1. What we mothers do for our darling sons.. grin.. My husband and sons are always late so I know what you mean.. And of course they start when they say but get waylaid... The beach looks awesome... Take care, my friend.. xo


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