Sunday, 31 May 2015

I Forgot...

Further to my earlier post...I've been out in the garage again and seen that a few more things also need to be found a space including...vacuum, old vacuum (for soot cleaning), carpet shampoo machine, 2 x pouffes that match our suite, but need repairs, a rug chest, an old carpet, loads of planked wood, various buckets, an axe, strimmer, chainsaw, brooms, china and bits that need ebaying, 2 x vintage sewing machines, a bin bag full of packing bits for wrapping breakables in. Oh dear, I've used graph paper to scale draw everything. It should all fit...we shall see! I just hope to goodness I've measured correctly.

Yesterday and today I've found myself to be more productive splitting up my time, so a couple hours of paperwork, then some painting, then some housework, back to painting and out to the poly tunnel. A longish work shift tomorrow will see me with far less time to accomplish much at home, but I'm thinking 24 hours, -10 for sleeping and personal stuff, -9 for work shift and travelling, -1 for food preparation and dining will still leave 4 hours to paint and sort and water plants. We'll see.

It's clear though I won't be gazing up through these tomorrow!

Take care, J. x


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