Friday, 8 May 2015

How The Day Unfolded...

So there I was, happily wasting time playing about with apps and photos when it occurred to me that really I ought to go out into our miserable May weather and procure us some groceries and run a few errands...
This posed no problems...
Upon my return I kindly smiled at my dog and uttered the magic word WALKIES!
She dragged followed me to the car, and promptly sat in the drivers seat lay down quietly in the back. We drove down the road and parked. Along our walk I happily snapped some wild foliage and flowers...
I was having a lovely time, despite it feeling more akin to March and Heidi was happy too. When she found some smelly fox excrement she rolled in it looked at me knowingly and trotted by like a well behaved dog. (Read sarcasm here).
Of course back at the car, and by now having muddy paws, she once again, sat in my seat lay down obediently in the back. Once home it couldn't possibly have been my angel who climbed onto my lap and leaned hard against the horn. She then dragged me into the main road until a car came along and I had to let go her lead, trotted happily by my side down the drive. Me and the Mutt have had a serious chat lovely cuddle since this little episode.

Thankfully the car driver laughed at us stopped and looked the other way to save my embarrassment.
Still love her though, but bad dog today.
J. x

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