Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Glorious May Weather

Glorious for a few minutes...but then sweeping gales with hail stones. The apple blossom is holding it's own at the moment. It seems much more robust than plum and pear blossom. Even Heidi has decided that by the Esse is the best place to be for now.

Today I really must set to with some serious paperwork. Good music and hot tea flowing should help.

It's only three more sleeps until our 'boy' Michael returns to the nest for a few days. He hasn't been home since the Christmas break and it's been such a long time. It's his birthday on Thursday so we shall be celebrating when he's home. I hope to make some Chelsea buns for tea on Friday, and copious amounts of homemade bread. He says he never does a roast while away so maybe one will make its way to our table...who am I kidding, of course it will.

We're aware that our family hasn't seen him either, so are planning a bit of a do at the weekend. I was rather hoping for a barbecue, but the weather doesn't look like it wants to play ball. Should I book the village hall and skittle alley? Maybe.

Last night I came home from work and look what I set bubbling on the stove...

This was before the thickening and dumplings went in. As there was only three of us last evening there is enough for just two of us tonight. Youngest, Emma is going over to her partners so no cooking required today. Yay!

And finally can the collage of photos only have been taken a few days ago...a reminder of better weather to come hopefully...

Take care, J. x


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