Sunday, 31 May 2015

Getting On With Things

Well...the boy returned to his home very early on Thursday morning. He had to be at Staffordshire Country Show by 9am. I'm still on holiday until tomorrow. Big sigh! Back to work blues coming up.

As soon as Michael left my heart began to feel heavier than it should. Realistically we aren't going to get to our Winters End any time soon...though it was all supposed to be in hand FIL has once again changed the goal posts. Of course he chose not to tell us the new game plan. I'm beyond caring if the truth be known...

So the options open to here and drown in despair...easy to do, but very hard to climb out of, or make here a little more to our taste...paint wise.

First job...the garage...also currently known as the dump. Has to house 2 x washing machines, a tumble dryer, an industrial size upright freezer, a large sliding door cupboard (for tools), a large single wardrobe, shelved out for sewing things, a glass cupboard for china, a food warmer, a chest of drawers, a trolley, our store of logs, and an American style fridge freezer. Easy!

Sooo...I'm doing it in stages, luckily it is quite a large space! Firstly the cost. I don't want to spend many pennies (actually none), so had a look through our paint stash and found 2 x different colours of a 10 x tougher diamond paint by Dulux. One in a pale blue, the other an off white. The result all mixed together looks very refreshing, a bit blotchy in places, but clean! I've nearly done the pantry area. There's no way I'm taking a photo of the messy area just yet! Don't expect perfection, just a rustic simplicity. LOL!

But now I have the taste for change there to be no stopping me. Our bedroom is painted cream, our furniture is another cream. Looks yuck. Things will change! I love cosy it will be.

So to finish today a couple photos of my poly tunnel. With its new cover, in it's new position, away from chewing cows. It's all behind this year. Well I'm all behind this year, but it's a start.


So there tiz, take care, J. x


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