Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A Beach Walk

Knowing that our little cutie hadn't had much of a day with myself and my daughter both working the same ten hour shift I phoned hubby and asked him to pick up Heidi and meet me at the beach. I picked up a takeaway.

We sat on the pebble ridge for tea. It was rather windy, but someone had already made a hollow for us to sit and shelter in. Heidi is a dog who behaves so much better off a lead than on. She patiently sat behind me whilst we ate. Then it was her turn for fun. The tide was way out, but we duly plodded out to it.

So now I have hair full of glorious salt winds, and Heidi insisted on sitting in the passenger seat on the way home. Yep, that's 9 stone of wet sandy hairy beast. Lovely! I didn't feel like snapping last evening, but here is said cutie from a previous adventure...

Day off today and boy do I need one.

J. x


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