Sunday, 31 May 2015

I Forgot...

Further to my earlier post...I've been out in the garage again and seen that a few more things also need to be found a space including...vacuum, old vacuum (for soot cleaning), carpet shampoo machine, 2 x pouffes that match our suite, but need repairs, a rug chest, an old carpet, loads of planked wood, various buckets, an axe, strimmer, chainsaw, brooms, china and bits that need ebaying, 2 x vintage sewing machines, a bin bag full of packing bits for wrapping breakables in. Oh dear, I've used graph paper to scale draw everything. It should all fit...we shall see! I just hope to goodness I've measured correctly.

Yesterday and today I've found myself to be more productive splitting up my time, so a couple hours of paperwork, then some painting, then some housework, back to painting and out to the poly tunnel. A longish work shift tomorrow will see me with far less time to accomplish much at home, but I'm thinking 24 hours, -10 for sleeping and personal stuff, -9 for work shift and travelling, -1 for food preparation and dining will still leave 4 hours to paint and sort and water plants. We'll see.

It's clear though I won't be gazing up through these tomorrow!

Take care, J. x


Getting On With Things

Well...the boy returned to his home very early on Thursday morning. He had to be at Staffordshire Country Show by 9am. I'm still on holiday until tomorrow. Big sigh! Back to work blues coming up.

As soon as Michael left my heart began to feel heavier than it should. Realistically we aren't going to get to our Winters End any time soon...though it was all supposed to be in hand FIL has once again changed the goal posts. Of course he chose not to tell us the new game plan. I'm beyond caring if the truth be known...

So the options open to here and drown in despair...easy to do, but very hard to climb out of, or make here a little more to our taste...paint wise.

First job...the garage...also currently known as the dump. Has to house 2 x washing machines, a tumble dryer, an industrial size upright freezer, a large sliding door cupboard (for tools), a large single wardrobe, shelved out for sewing things, a glass cupboard for china, a food warmer, a chest of drawers, a trolley, our store of logs, and an American style fridge freezer. Easy!

Sooo...I'm doing it in stages, luckily it is quite a large space! Firstly the cost. I don't want to spend many pennies (actually none), so had a look through our paint stash and found 2 x different colours of a 10 x tougher diamond paint by Dulux. One in a pale blue, the other an off white. The result all mixed together looks very refreshing, a bit blotchy in places, but clean! I've nearly done the pantry area. There's no way I'm taking a photo of the messy area just yet! Don't expect perfection, just a rustic simplicity. LOL!

But now I have the taste for change there to be no stopping me. Our bedroom is painted cream, our furniture is another cream. Looks yuck. Things will change! I love cosy it will be.

So to finish today a couple photos of my poly tunnel. With its new cover, in it's new position, away from chewing cows. It's all behind this year. Well I'm all behind this year, but it's a start.


So there tiz, take care, J. x


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My Little Boy

My little boy obviously has a touch of his Father in him after all. After assuring me that he was leaving to drive home after work on Friday (he normally finishes at one pm on Friday's), I merrily went ahead and invited his older sister and her partner over for a welcome home tea. Youngest daughters partner was away for the that left five of us waiting...and waiting. Eventually I dared text son to ask where he'd got to. When the reply came through that he'd just got on to the M5 my heart sank. Another four hours later, past ten o'clock he arrived home. Apparently he'd worked until two, then gone home, washed his dishes, and did a bodge it job on his exhaust...but he hadn't lied...he left after work on Friday....just not right away!

At least he made it home safety...the first time since the Christmas break. He's been a busy lad, has a life of his own, and for this I'm glad, but it's been a long time apart, so there was no point me chastising him over his timing issue.

Saturday was glorious weather, and bless him he helped me do things out in the garden that hubby just has no enthusiasm not being our own place, and a move always being on the cards...but when...exactly, we're here and I just want to make the most of what we do have.

So Saturday evening we took a disposable bbq down to the beautiful Bucks Mills...

And the shadow belongs to darling son!...

Our tea getting smoked rather a lot on the bbq. Hubby came down later when he'd finished a few jobs...aka when we were nearly ready to go home!

The beach is beautiful here, and it was practically deserted, but the effort to walk back up through the village is Herculean in proportion! It takes about the first three visits a year to master the trip with any degree of comfort.

A rather unflattering photo of me and the 'boy'...goodness knows whose sunglasses he had on...but they weren't his...this I know, because I was wearing his!
So on Sunday we had an extended family gathering, it quite pooped me out! On Monday we pottered a bit, visited a garden centre, and Michael went to see a friend. Today has been a bit more of everything, and bless him he's now off silaging, will he be eating the tea he requested I cook...who knows. But if he doesn't turn up I'll scoff his portion of pavlova!! Not kidding!
Time is flying, take care...J. x


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Pictures Belie The Chill

Big brown eyes gazed at me...pleading me to stop studying the mountain of books and invoices on the kitchen table...eventually I relented. All morning we had been getting squally violent hail showers.

This afternoon showed slightly more promise. Heidi sat patiently by the car. How could I refuse...I took her here...

So beautiful, so quiet, and today so cold.



We didn't linger long...but we'll be back. J. x


Glorious May Weather

Glorious for a few minutes...but then sweeping gales with hail stones. The apple blossom is holding it's own at the moment. It seems much more robust than plum and pear blossom. Even Heidi has decided that by the Esse is the best place to be for now.

Today I really must set to with some serious paperwork. Good music and hot tea flowing should help.

It's only three more sleeps until our 'boy' Michael returns to the nest for a few days. He hasn't been home since the Christmas break and it's been such a long time. It's his birthday on Thursday so we shall be celebrating when he's home. I hope to make some Chelsea buns for tea on Friday, and copious amounts of homemade bread. He says he never does a roast while away so maybe one will make its way to our table...who am I kidding, of course it will.

We're aware that our family hasn't seen him either, so are planning a bit of a do at the weekend. I was rather hoping for a barbecue, but the weather doesn't look like it wants to play ball. Should I book the village hall and skittle alley? Maybe.

Last night I came home from work and look what I set bubbling on the stove...

This was before the thickening and dumplings went in. As there was only three of us last evening there is enough for just two of us tonight. Youngest, Emma is going over to her partners so no cooking required today. Yay!

And finally can the collage of photos only have been taken a few days ago...a reminder of better weather to come hopefully...

Take care, J. x


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A Beach Walk

Knowing that our little cutie hadn't had much of a day with myself and my daughter both working the same ten hour shift I phoned hubby and asked him to pick up Heidi and meet me at the beach. I picked up a takeaway.

We sat on the pebble ridge for tea. It was rather windy, but someone had already made a hollow for us to sit and shelter in. Heidi is a dog who behaves so much better off a lead than on. She patiently sat behind me whilst we ate. Then it was her turn for fun. The tide was way out, but we duly plodded out to it.

So now I have hair full of glorious salt winds, and Heidi insisted on sitting in the passenger seat on the way home. Yep, that's 9 stone of wet sandy hairy beast. Lovely! I didn't feel like snapping last evening, but here is said cutie from a previous adventure...

Day off today and boy do I need one.

J. x


Monday, 11 May 2015

Today's Sights

After a full on day at work it was nice to take a stroll. Of course I had a camera with me...

Although reasonably warm it was quite windy so I was pleased to get the snaps of the butterfly at all.

Of course it wouldn't be a proper walk without a certain someone. She was better behaved today...

The sky tells me that rain is not far away...But whatever, life is good.

J. x


Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Trouble With Pages

The 70th. Anniversary of VE Day and all it's celebrations have spurred me on to wanting to update my wartime rations page. But wait...a problem (or two). Firstly to make a new post it goes to a completely new page. No, not what I want. So, I try to edit the original post, and on the IPad it won't let me scroll down far enough. I shall have to investigate further on the Mac. Today though, I have less than an hour before I need to leave for work. We watched some of the VE concert last night, and this morning have seen the service at Westminster Abbey, and the veterans marching (or being wheeled) to Horse Guards Parade. Emotional, and especially when the picture of my Father in his Coldstream Guard uniform hangs just to the left of our television.

Reflections, memories, a wistfulness for my youth, a longing for a simple uncomplicated life. All mixed up with pressures, and modern day wants makes for a mentally straining time.

There still are so many jobs I need to complete around the house, tidying, sorting, parting with things, cleaning, then there's my ever present struggle to keep up with the business paperwork. Big sigh! The garden needs more attention. I have set myself a task of completing all the written elements of two diploma units in a fortnight. Oh and the ironing pile is beginning to resemble a certain leaning tower. It can be a struggle, and I need to check and make sure I haven't broken any rationing rules. Hope not. But I do know it will get tougher..a lot tougher. Thankfully though, I can live through this experiment without the constant fear of being bombed, and having our menfolk go off to war. For that I truly am thankful.

Our youngest is really scared of birds...including this one, as he appears to stare at you from all angles. I think he's really rather cute though, so he stays!

J. x


Saturday, 9 May 2015


That's how I'd describe my day at work...exhausting. So now home sweet home to 'chill', before doing it all again tomorrow. I think we're venturing to a local carnival later, if it stays dry anyway.

So apart from washing and dishes and a little sweeping of the kitchen floor, what have I chosen to do with my time, well some more of this...

I really need to take more pictures or upload older ones onto here to make it even more fun.

Let's hope for some lovely days ahead to get snapping!

J. x


Friday, 8 May 2015

How The Day Unfolded...

So there I was, happily wasting time playing about with apps and photos when it occurred to me that really I ought to go out into our miserable May weather and procure us some groceries and run a few errands...
This posed no problems...
Upon my return I kindly smiled at my dog and uttered the magic word WALKIES!
She dragged followed me to the car, and promptly sat in the drivers seat lay down quietly in the back. We drove down the road and parked. Along our walk I happily snapped some wild foliage and flowers...
I was having a lovely time, despite it feeling more akin to March and Heidi was happy too. When she found some smelly fox excrement she rolled in it looked at me knowingly and trotted by like a well behaved dog. (Read sarcasm here).
Of course back at the car, and by now having muddy paws, she once again, sat in my seat lay down obediently in the back. Once home it couldn't possibly have been my angel who climbed onto my lap and leaned hard against the horn. She then dragged me into the main road until a car came along and I had to let go her lead, trotted happily by my side down the drive. Me and the Mutt have had a serious chat lovely cuddle since this little episode.

Thankfully the car driver laughed at us stopped and looked the other way to save my embarrassment.
Still love her though, but bad dog today.
J. x


Hello...random post...but I've spent some time playing with this new IPad and a photo app...

Ta da!

I'm actually shocked delighted that it appears to have worked...more later!

J. x


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Wind Be A Howling

This morning when our bedroom curtains were pulled back I realised with horror that our poly tunnel cover had blown off to one side. It's a 4 x 2 meter beast and in this wind there's no way we can even attempt it today. I've been out and rescued my baby plants and plonked them in the cold frame. Hopefully the winds will die down tomorrow.

I've completed the essays I needed to finish by Thursday. They were pretty heavy going about abuse scandals. It wasn't fun writing.

This evening we're out celebrating one of hubby's sisters 50th birthday. It would have been my Fathers birthday also today.

I think I've solved a problem of missing posts uploaded from my new IPad...still no photos yet though...small steps!

So until next time, if we don't blow away,

J. x

Where will this end up?!

Just testing!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Where is the Post

This morning I wrote a post and published it...nothing fancy there, however where is it? Gone...dear me...missing presumed deleted. I typed it up on my brand new IPad, sadly this one is on it's last legs and keeps jamming up. I shall persevere with setting it up...but not tonight.

So here are some of the things we've been up to lately...

Fun walkies...

Rearranging the garden...

Enjoying stormy skies...

Taking a dip...

And helping adults with learning disabilities make this...

So now for some relaxing blog hopping...busy days ahead. J. x