Friday, 10 April 2015

Budding Up

Well...true to tradition the winds have done their worst to the poor daffodils in our garden. This morning instead of seeing a carpet of gold outside it's more like browning shrivel! I shall have to finish dead heading later. As much as they look lovely when out, the aftermath can look really quite depressing.

Never the looks of it we shall soon be treated to some blossom on the pear trees, followed by apple and the ornamental cherry in time for Mayfair. In fact we already have a small amount of blossom on a very young plum tree I purchased last year. When we had to move here from our old house we said goodbye to many fruit trees that we had planted. A few we transplanted, and they have taken, so I now wish we had done the same for more of them including the plums...though I still have a small stash of homemade plum jam made in 2011 that I over boiled so it's saved for plum sauce mainly. It's still fine date police in my store stump!!

I've been outside in every spare moment clearing and brushing the slabs behind the bungalow. Hard work with such enormous tubs to move. My muscles are complaining! Yesterday I made an effort to repair holes and tears in our poly tunnel cover, so in the next couple of days I hope to have it back on...seed planting...yippee.

I'm trying to push all thoughts of our Winters End to the back of my mind. Apparently the game my Father in Law is playing has changed again. Pity he never sees fit to tell us in person. However I did speak with him the other day. I just don't know what goes through his head. Yes I'm hurting. I'm trying so hard not to be angry. Hopefully my garden in all it's overly large tubs will help. Remember to smile and things will change eventually.

On another note...why won't some of my photos I have on my iPhone jump effortsly to the ipad. Frustrating when I want to use them on here. So just writing today...boring I know. A big thank you to all the blogs I read who put lovely glimpses of their homes and lives for me to gawp admire. You don't realise it I'm sure, but when all seems so desperate they help to keep me going. Chin up girl lots to do, and the promise of some hazy sunshine means more sloggin in the garden.

Take care all of you...well the few who read these words!

J. x


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