Friday, 6 March 2015

Just Sometimes

So anybody who knows me will realise that I'm usually upbeat about things, and really try not to dwell on the could have, should have side of things. But this week has been hard. Culminating in the news that one of the two kittens belonging to my eldest daughter and her partner climbed up into a van engine and got caught in it's fan yesterday. At first she was to become a double amputee, but then sadly the vet realised that she had also fractured her other front leg. So R.I.P.little Lexi. You led a short but happy life you little mischief maker. You are going to be much missed by your sister Bubbles. Some of you will say you were only a cat...but you were my daughter's cat, and I know how much she loved you.

Happier times. J. x



  1. Awwwe... so sweet.. That happened to a cat of ours when I was just a teenager and I have never forgotten it..
    The poor kid ... Hope she feels better soon and you, too.. We mamas feel what our kids feel... xo

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