Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Can You See It Too?

Last evening...whilst relaxing by our woodburner...I glanced down and found a grizzley in our midst...can you make him out?

And closer...

I think he looks better in the first picture!

And today...well what a day. I headed off to Exeter...about an hours drive away with my two daughters and my did we have a good time. Frugal is not a word I'd associate with today's spending...but after all the strife we've had of late I'm not feeling guilty in the least. We even had lunch in Chaucers. A very old underground pub. Yummy! Just as well it was payday.

So tomorrow will find me on a mission to tidy our wardrobes and clean the bedroom. Sloppy knickers will be abolished...well I treated myself to some light weight hold it all in jobs today. Note to self...No tumble drying of said garments..

Dresses...I do love my dresses...jeans just seem to make me feel uncomfortable nowadays so I was delighted to find a couple I liked in the Monsoon sale...I think when you get to a certain age...and things have gone a little wobbly in places it pays to invest in a few well cut items rather than loads of cheap and cheerful jobbies! Ha ha and I certainly have some of the wobbly bits now. It's hard to think now that years ago I literally couldn't put weight on...big sigh!! Both daughters have hardly a spare ounce between them just like I didn't but just let them wait...ha!

Son has decided not to venture home for Easter...preferring to wait till next month...let me think...he has a birthday in May! Humm...think he may be hoping for a cake. Love um. I will admit to being a little disappointed at him not going to be with us but I believe his YFC club is up to something and as long as he's happy I'm happy for him.

Well the wind is doing it's usual to our lovely daffodils. Poor things. I can remember my Mother saying the very same thing. Daffs out in all their glory until along came the winds and knocked the poor things senseless.

Hope everyone can enjoy some Spring like weather very soon...J. x



  1. Sounds like such a fun day for you all.. I know what you mean about wobbly parts.. lol... Now I know what to call them.. grin.. I love my dresses, too and love a good bargain.. Hope your daffs fare well... I do adore the wind.. I know I am weird.. Happy Easter, my friend. xo

    1. Apparently they give more pinch to the inch and more bounce to the ounce (that's wobbly bits)! Or so a work colleague tells me anyhow!! Oops. Some poor daffs have been literally knocked off their stems, the ones closer to the house kind of have their heads to the ground poor wee things. Guess who's weekend off it is...me me mine! So yes Happy Easter Faye. xx


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