Monday, 16 March 2015

A Little Something

Though I haven't been here on the page so to speak for a while I haven't been idle...the old bookcase now a log store...all painted...


It actually has some more logs in it now!


Some work files in their new cabinet. Much easier on the eye than the jumble I had before...

And a bit of a change on the mantle piece...

It was a very hectic weekend of work for hopefully I shall have three days off, I say hopefully as I've sort of offered to cover if someone can't do their shifts in the next day or two...we shall see.

It'll be just me and the hound later this evening. Youngest will be at her boyfriends and hubby has his last skittles match of the season. Let's just say they could be picking splinters out their **** where they will have come in their division. But of course it's the taking part that counts!!

Today after work a few of us trooped off to the laundry room there and weighed. Maybe we'll call it Chubby club! I just hope the incentive of not wanting to pay £1 per lb or part thereof if we put on will see me melting my middle an inch or two! We were having steak and chips for tea...but strangely I've just put some jacket spuds in the oven...just try and take my pepper sauce away though!!

J. x


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