Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Can You See It Too?

Last evening...whilst relaxing by our woodburner...I glanced down and found a grizzley in our midst...can you make him out?

And closer...

I think he looks better in the first picture!

And today...well what a day. I headed off to Exeter...about an hours drive away with my two daughters and my did we have a good time. Frugal is not a word I'd associate with today's spending...but after all the strife we've had of late I'm not feeling guilty in the least. We even had lunch in Chaucers. A very old underground pub. Yummy! Just as well it was payday.

So tomorrow will find me on a mission to tidy our wardrobes and clean the bedroom. Sloppy knickers will be abolished...well I treated myself to some light weight hold it all in jobs today. Note to self...No tumble drying of said garments..

Dresses...I do love my dresses...jeans just seem to make me feel uncomfortable nowadays so I was delighted to find a couple I liked in the Monsoon sale...I think when you get to a certain age...and things have gone a little wobbly in places it pays to invest in a few well cut items rather than loads of cheap and cheerful jobbies! Ha ha and I certainly have some of the wobbly bits now. It's hard to think now that years ago I literally couldn't put weight on...big sigh!! Both daughters have hardly a spare ounce between them just like I didn't but just let them wait...ha!

Son has decided not to venture home for Easter...preferring to wait till next month...let me think...he has a birthday in May! Humm...think he may be hoping for a cake. Love um. I will admit to being a little disappointed at him not going to be with us but I believe his YFC club is up to something and as long as he's happy I'm happy for him.

Well the wind is doing it's usual to our lovely daffodils. Poor things. I can remember my Mother saying the very same thing. Daffs out in all their glory until along came the winds and knocked the poor things senseless.

Hope everyone can enjoy some Spring like weather very soon...J. x


Monday, 30 March 2015

A Glimpse Of Spring

Things have been crazy busy around these parts, but I'm not complaining. Though we lost an hour at the weekend making doing a late shift followed by an early just a little more painful than normal. No worries...a day off tomorrow, and hopefully I'm off for a spot of retail therapy to Exeter.

The wind is picking up this evening to storm force strength so I fear we're in for a night of rattles and bangs. I think I'm much in favour of an early turn in before it increases any more.

I'd love to have entered up some of our rationing data this evening, but it was a fairly full on day at work and I know my brain is just not up to it so it will have to wait. So instead a couple of photos of touches of spring.


And outside...

Until next time...

J. x


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Turning A Corner

The past few weeks have not been the happiest of my life. So many things have occurred. The loss of my daughters cat in a tragic accident sadly has not been the only downer in our lives. A nephew of mine appears to have a very life limiting disease and my youngest was admitted to hospital as an emergency case on Tuesday. She's had some surgery and thankfully is on the mend, but I guess my heart feels heavy. I've been for a walk in glorious sunshine today and made a start scrubbing the green from the concrete and paving around the garden. But still when I stop it feels as though my heart could break into a thousand tiny pieces. I miss our son who works and lives away so much, and Mother's Day this year fell on the anniversary of my own Mother's passing, and it felt a bit tragic really. But there you go. This feeling will pass in it's own good time.

I knew I wouldn't get my three days in a row off this week, well the first was spent in hospital, the second was spent doing my daughter's ten hour work shift, and today has been a laundry and shopping catch up marathon.

However the sun has shone beautifully, and I've managed to get a good dose of happiness hormone to help replenish the tank, which feels as though it's been scraping the bottom of the barrel lately.

And finally...our dog is a very friendly creature, but she is large and I appreciate she could be daunting for delivery drivers who don't know her...BUT a few weeks ago she'd been left outside while we went shopping and on our return she could barely walk on one of her back legs. We presumed she had a prickle but couldn't find one. She yelped when we touched it. That night she whined and whimpered. Her leg improved, but then I saw our postman who remarked that she'd become nervous of him. Really? Not like our cuddly teddy bear at all. She no longer wanted to be outside during the daytime. She suffered with separation anxiety so much that I slept on the sofa. We now leave our bedroom doors open for her to wander at will. Then bingo..hubby remarked that he hadn't had a certain delivery. On contacting the company apparently a certain TNT delivery van had called twice, left no card because the dog was out. Yes Mr. TNT, you said that you had called on the day our dog 'hurt' her leg and became terrified. Thanks. I have since heard from people down the road that on the day in question they heard her cry all the afternoon of your visit, and now wish they had called over. She has refused to go for a walk since unless we get her straight in the car. This is the same dog that has spent days being petted by many enthusiastic children with challenging behaviour, and been fantastic with the learning disabled adults I work with. Her heart was broken. We love her enough to spend the time to heal her. So delivery drivers. Big dog...no likey...don't come through our gate and lay into my dog. Stay out and phone us...you had the number after all. If I know a delivery is due I either leave her in or leave a note on the order saying if she's out not to worry. On this unfortunate occasion what was ordered could have been sent by ordinary post but wasn't. Rant over, back to cuddling this girl who did come out today and had a lovely time on the Tarka Trail...progress made.

See I could never eat a whole delivery driver...so what was her crime...probably running up the drive with a tigger toy in her mouth. Poor baby.

J. x


Monday, 16 March 2015

A Little Something

Though I haven't been here on the page so to speak for a while I haven't been idle...the old bookcase now a log store...all painted...


It actually has some more logs in it now!


Some work files in their new cabinet. Much easier on the eye than the jumble I had before...

And a bit of a change on the mantle piece...

It was a very hectic weekend of work for me...now hopefully I shall have three days off, I say hopefully as I've sort of offered to cover if someone can't do their shifts in the next day or two...we shall see.

It'll be just me and the hound later this evening. Youngest will be at her boyfriends and hubby has his last skittles match of the season. Let's just say they could be picking splinters out their **** where they will have come in their division. But of course it's the taking part that counts!!

Today after work a few of us trooped off to the laundry room there and weighed. Maybe we'll call it Chubby club! I just hope the incentive of not wanting to pay £1 per lb or part thereof if we put on will see me melting my middle an inch or two! We were having steak and chips for tea...but strangely I've just put some jacket spuds in the oven...just try and take my pepper sauce away though!!

J. x


Friday, 6 March 2015

Just Sometimes

So anybody who knows me will realise that I'm usually upbeat about things, and really try not to dwell on the could have, should have side of things. But this week has been hard. Culminating in the news that one of the two kittens belonging to my eldest daughter and her partner climbed up into a van engine and got caught in it's fan yesterday. At first she was to become a double amputee, but then sadly the vet realised that she had also fractured her other front leg. So R.I.P.little Lexi. You led a short but happy life you little mischief maker. You are going to be much missed by your sister Bubbles. Some of you will say you were only a cat...but you were my daughter's cat, and I know how much she loved you.

Happier times. J. x


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Welcome March!

The month of March,

Heralds the start of Spring.

When daffodils appear in the waving grass,

And the birds begin to sing.

The morning sun lifts a curtain,

On Winters icy grip.

Our days begin to lengthen,

And our hearts begin to skip.

The hedges and trees are changing,

All bursting in to leaf.

Preparing for the warmer months,

When time is always brief.

And the air is fresh and new,

All filled with the sweet perfume,

Of the flowers that in Springtime,

Choose to open up and bloom.

This is the rebirth of the land,

Just as it a always has been so,

And may Nature forever continue in Spring,

To start the living things to grow.

by J.G.

Take care...J. x