Thursday, 19 February 2015

Slow Beginnings

Slow on more than one front actually. Firstly the rationing is going absolutely fine. I am well aware that this is early days and the excesses left over from the festive season has helped. Also as yet not much is actually rationed to us.

Secondly I know that a tidy house will save me time in the long run. Here is a photo of my current filing arrangements for our business paperwork.

This is annoying me greatly as it is in our living room and when trying to relax, a hodgepodge of mess is staring me in the face. However I have plans. Big plans.

Hubby has an office indoors at the moment. He calls it an office, I call it the hovel. No photos of that place thank you very much!

As I have 'stolen' the apple crates from their original uses throughout the house I want them back, so ordered in a knockdown sale a glass cabinet. It hopefully won't look too out of the way with our other oak furniture. But that's not all...fed up to the hind teeth with the multicoloured mess of files on show, I now have a large box of vintage looking files. The blue books I shall be covering in red wallpaper, and somehow writing in gold on the spines. I intend to obtain copies of the most useful of hubbies product catalogues and cover them also. When we move hopefully his office will be out of the house. Ha ha...but he gets plastered in oil...and worse organic matter! Last evening he deposited a starter motor for a tractor on the kitchen table, and looked shocked that 'gear dust' as he called it made a mess everywhere for you know who to clean up. Things were a little tense in our house last evening!

Anyway...that's about it I'm afraid. Things seem to be stalling on the moving front and I don't want to talk or think about it now. Suffice to say that wanting to keep shooting rights to land you're trying to sell with a house is probably not the way to go. But that's my father in law for you.

J. x


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  1. Good Evening.. I was here and visited the other day but did not take time to comment.. Just wanted to say your ideas for your files sound
    lovely.. I like how your site looks with the red wall paper, too.. I think men are the same the world over.. grin..
    Take care, my dear and thanks for stopping by... xo


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