Friday, 6 February 2015

On Ice

Whew! At last I have finished the next instalment of my diploma, and yesterday received the very welcome news that I'd passed my maths exam that I took a few weeks back. We're on a roll folks!

But snow...where is our promised snow...there was plenty on the moors of Exmoor and Dartmoor, but barely a scattering here. Oh but ice we have had for days, ice that sets in and stays all day, even under the sun's warming rays.

Our trip to Bristol was lovely, the production of War Horse was very thought provoking, the puppetry amazing.

On our way home we called in to visit Hersercombe gardens. It was a beautifully cold and crisp day, and we had a lovely walk by the lakes and waterfalls, and guess what, my blinkin iphone refused to turn on the whole morning. Then at lunch time when we'd about completed our walk around it came on so we just nipped back and took a few photos in the vicinity of the house. But oh, the waterfalls and looking back down the frost covered valley was truly amazing and I'm sorry I have no photos of it to share.

But hey ho, here are a few snaps I did manage...



And there you have for something else...after recently knitting a dishcloth I decided to rustle up a scarf for it is in production...

I just have to cast off in picot edging then I'm done. Next I'll be knitting a hat and after that youngest is hankering after a very long...sigh...scarf, and I also fancy giving this a go...

As you can see it's a pattern by Carol Sunday from Sunday Knits. I've spied some rather nice cheeky Merino joy yarn for the project. Wish me luck. It's rugby tonight so I'll have a happy husband...tense but happy!!

J. x



  1. Hi.. I was happy to see that you had posted.. Love your beautiful buildings and grass.. I can't imagine that yet.. smile.. Your scarf is going to be lovely.. So wish I liked knitting.. I crochet a bit but not very successful at it.. Take care and enjoy your weekend.. xo

  2. Thank you Faye, I've had a lovely weekend. The scarf is finished! Yes grass is something we're never too short of here in South West England. Longing for a little snow though, so if you could just blow some over and down gently that would be lovely...I'm sure you have a little to spare! Be safe. J. x


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