Sunday, 8 February 2015

Bemoaning Dust and Dirt

Ok the facts...I work outside of the home at least three days a week...I am doing a level 3 diploma in Health and Social Care...I hope to complete this in eighteen get free funding I have had to do several units at level 2, plus functional skills maths and English...I have a very fluffy muddy pawed Newfoundland dog...I have an oily, cow mucky splattered husband...I have an Esse and a woodburner, and I do all my husbands paperwork for his Agricultural Engineering home is less clean and tidy than I would like it to be...Don't get me times parts of it look amazing, but turn my back and woosh, a torrent of mud, dust, oil smears, and crumbs sweep themselves effortsly around wherever they feel inclined. Will I post pictures of my less than palace like no way!

To cheer myself up I allow myself to dream that one hopefully the not too distant future...when we're living at Winters End things will be different. Everything will have it's allotted place. No place and it'll be out the door...or in the one way cupboard as my Father used to say!

Winters End in my head will be warm, beautiful, have all our treasured possessions housed effortlessly, and never will I fear unexpected guests! Yeah right...we'll see about that one. However I have been holding onto things which either have exceeded their usefulness for us, were mistake buys, or gifts that didn't quite suit us amongst other poor excuses of reasons that some stuff has just got to go! I refuse point blank to hold onto things we neither need or even like any longer. No rubbish or unwanted items will get carted off to Winters End so theoretically Winters End can be beautiful and tidy...HOPEFULLY!!

Today I've made a start...My youngest and her boyfriend helped by pulling funny faces making sensible decisions as to whether items should stay or go. So glasses cupboard no longer has glasses teetering over the front edge of the shelves. We still have plenty of various unchipped glassware to use and a local charity shop will gain a few items to sell...Little steps.

After a week off it's back to work for me tomorrow. Mixed blessings...I love my job, but have had a humdinger of a sore throat for a few days, and feel really rather grotty. But on another note my scarf is finished...have I a photograph of said scarf yet...NO! I do still need to press it then onto my fair shoulders it can go. More than that I've cast on my next project...a hat, going great guns around here for a change. Think it must be just that time of year. A glass of baileys cup of tea helps too!

So just twaddle words today. Take care in the cold. J. x

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  1. It does feel great to get rid of stuff we do not need for sure.. Hope you are feeling better soon..
    Your Winter\s End sounds lovely..Hope all goes well with your work week.. xo


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