Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Well it was snowing here at about five o'clock. It has been blowing a hoolie and lightening, and more snow is forecast over night. Thank goodness I don't have to drive to work tomorrow morning. Our fire is lit, and our bottom sheet is finishing drying being draped over the logs. Rather rural here you know!

This morning I sat my maths exam for my City and Guilds diploma. I hope I did enough to pass. I don't think I've used a protractor since doing my O'level in 1983 until today!

Rationing has so far not caused any problems...but as yet only butter, bacon and sugar are rationed to us. I did manage to stretch a 400gm pack of minced beef to make a cottage pie for 6 on Sunday. It also fed hubby on Monday. Nothing amazing about that...however it also made another cottage pie that should give us another 4 plus servings. Nobody realised I'd added several porridge oats to the mix...rather surprising as my lot are rather a fussy bunch!

We have a heavily snoring dog in the living room. She's probably rather warm, but prefers to be where we are.

Tomorrow I need to have a real bash at the backlog of paperwork...I'm always on catchup where that's concerned. I'd rather spend my day off catching up on housework but hey ho it has to be done.

We took our festive tree down yesterday...yes ours stays up beyond Epiphany.

The Sunday after Epiphany is supposed to be the anniversary of the baptism of the baby Jesus, and all decor should stay up until the day after this...except if you take note of the commercialised idea of Christmas...the one that strangely begins in November. The Christmas season actually doesn't end until Candlemass.

So for us...tree down, but artificial greenery stays up until Candlemass. Long before what we now celebrate as Christmas, our ancestors were bringing greenery into their homes throughout Winter to reassure themselves that Spring was on it's way. So if it was good enough for my ancestors, it's got to be good enough for me also.

I'm not yet willing to buy Easter eggs!

Besides...we still have loads of chocolate and other naughties left to eat up...rationed of course!

J. x

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