Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Preparing For Snow

Well our weather here in Devon is nothing if not changeable. Yesterday was supposedly relatively mild, however factor in the wind chill and what it actually felt like was really rather cold. Apparently we're in for an arctic blast later this week. After my shift later on today I shall be home until early on Saturday. This means I do not want to be making unnecessary trips out for bits and bobs, so before work today I shall nip into a shop for more milk, and some fruit. Apart from these items we're well stocked.

Sooo...if the North wind doth blow I can be home based...read hunkering down by the fireside. I just hope if we do get anything much in the way of the white stuff it will still allow us to travel to Bristol on Monday as we have tickets to watch War Horse..a hotel booked too! I must hunt out a blanket to top our duvet with, as when it was extra cold a few days ago I was rather chilly at night.

So my itinerary for this morning is making sure there is enough dry firewood in to last through the cold spell...enough lighting material ready to start the fire, and to tidy the pantry cupboard I turned out after work on Sunday, but then realised just how tired I was...what you don't see is a photo of the mess my kitchen is in at present, however hopefully some semblance of order will return before lunchtime.

I do believe the photos I wanted to add the other day are now behaving themselves and will be available to upload so...

Heidi on ice...

More if the cold stuff...

And a strange thing...

J. x






  1. Hello.. Hope your weather stays fine enough for you to have your night out.. smile.. We are in a huge storm here in Maritime Canada at the moment.. We are rather used to this stuff, though..
    Take care ...

    1. Good Morning. Yes I know you are well used to the cold. My inlaws have friends in Canada, who one year laughed when they were told we were shivering in -12c...they were happy at -22c at the time! There have been exceptions to our weather, February 1978 will stay with me forever, and for our children 2010. I've kind of learnt that whenever they make a big deal about it we don't get any, and when they say all will be well we get dumped on ....quite literally!!
      Keep safe, J. x


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