Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Oh No It Didn't

Well sorting out the printer must have been all of my good luck for one day used up! Writing through Blogger isn't turning out as I would wish...I've downloaded desk...and now that won't let me into my blog. Oh bother!!

I'd simply have liked to type up posts on my Mac to post using blogsy...but no...blogsy doesn't go on a Mac...just an iPad. More bother.

Feeling as though I've wasted more than enough time on the matter, and to top things off nicely the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Hey ho...such is life.

What I should be doing is having a spruce up of the homestead...said residence is a little less than warm today though and leaving the fireside though an option is not one I wish to persue thanking you kindly.

So a picture...


Very dark I know...but you see, with such poor internet my photos haven't been flying over to the iPad as they should...

Did I mention I've sorted out the printer problem though!!

J. x


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